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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ball Creek

I’d compare the weather to a blown out firecracker. It got up to 101 sometime today. This morning Murphy my husband and I drove up to Copeland Bridge to pick up Bart from his canoe trip.
Then Murphy and I went up to Ball creek we was going to pick up North Idaho drift wood they wasn’t much up their except one piece which I’ll put by the snag and place a planter in it with some kind of plant not sure what kind.
We lucked out on the rocks. I like to make cobblestone walk way up to my side door. I found to colorful granite flat rock, which I’m going to make a splatter. Murphy and I come up with all kinds of home improvement ideals. 2 main things are lacking time and money I sure like doing home project. They sure don’t work out like they do on TV.
I’ve never tried to insert a link anything. So I looked up subject on aging my husband side sure have some hang-ups on getting old.

I don't recall ever buying a enquier. I'll amit that I've read them. Sure glad my life is so uneventfull that they have no interested in me.

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  1. Very tranquil location! Like being on vacation right in the neighborhood.


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