Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting It Done But Should Be More Then A Snail Pace

Still going into to town to comput. Shortly after Labor day I should be computing more. I'll be having my desk top in. Hopeful it's not trashed out.

The garden is doing great. Before I head into work Hubby and I put in some beer radish (diakon). Before Sawyer wedding we took part of our scaffolding off the back of the pick up bed. Now need to reattach the plant form. Get back to painting the trim.
I have to say the rest of the garden is going gang buster.

I been paint a ceramic piece. I guess the best way to explain the items is "A PRETTY GIRL PLAQUE" I'll be placing it on esty account'
I would like to expand my ceramics and stuff.
Which is one reason I got a lap top so I can take it to town and place more items for sale. With dial up it takes to dang long.
Looks like I have nothing listed for sale. Gee I better fix that.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Still Trying To Figure The Best Way To Solve What Every.

Right now if I want to comp with the net I need to head into town were there Wi fi. I still have our desk top hooked to dial up but the desk top needs to be taken in to computer clinic and have a good going though. I been hearing a lot people are happy using .meadow creek computer place. I know it's better then what I have but it seem costly compare to what people pay for Wi Fi in town.

I haven't had a chance to take part in any of the photo hunts over at Sandi or Gattina which I enjoy doing but I don't want or need to waste my time in town on Saturday. The truth is my dial up does have a few advantage for me personally.

The reason I got this lap top is e bay, esty, farmville, videos, check my e mails, and I know there will be more reason why I got this lap top.
Now for my desk top it does ok for my blog, facebook, and small piddly crap.

Now for garden is doing great but I see we need to get some kind of cover to keep the creep crawler that attacks. I'm talking about nematodes. A fine netting should do like a bridal Vail should work.
The tomatoes are huge we will need something different then bamboo steaks. I'm more less thinking of temporary fence with a large weave fence.

September I'll be taking in the desk top to see what the trouble with it.   But $40 a month for 256KBPSseem costly. I pay $10 a month for dial up but I'm running a 56 K speed. If your wonder why I don't have Wi Fi it not offer out were I live on the other side of the highway. I talk to our phone company .frontier a month or so. The nice gentlemen who was on the phone said we should be getting Wi fi in next few months or up to 5 years.
Well for now I'm leaning to getting my desk top haul in and leaning toward keeping my dial up service.

The garden short coming sure seam a lot easier to take care of.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Couple of Things About Couples

This last Saturday my son Sawyer got Hitch to Betty. When I told people my son was getting married. One of  the first thing they ask if I like my future daughter in law and I said "yes" then I would get this look like I should be checking into the funny farm.
Or they would start to tell me how awful there children spouse are.
Do they forget there an in law to some one....Let just say some of my own traits and own relatives traits to me are quite sicking. Maybe not mind as much!
I been hitch for 25 years and hubby and we had some pretty heated spats. No couple can't seeing eye to eye on everything. Actual I don't recall our last spat we had. Neither one of us our scared to tell the other one to "Shut Up"
I seen couples behind there back bitch and grip about there partner, to anyone who will listen. We all grip and if your partner is such and horrible human why stay with them.
No I have my short coming and Confession time....I've at time talk about the negative side of my hubby. But believe me I don't stand in the check out stand racking my hubby over the coals.
Now I fine those who claim there are married expert been married a bunch of times or still single. The only advice I can say try not to bring entire world into your marriage. But nothing wrong seeking true marriage counseling either.
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pro Capitalism I Won't Confess To It II

A short time ago I blog about wages staying stagnate but now is what is a livable wage. I only balance one check in my entire life and that was 30 some years ago. Some how it doesn't matter what we take in some how we keep our head above water.
I crunch in some number what I thought would be a livable wage. Every time I came up with a different fact of figures....We could survive on $500 a month but still wouldn't classify that as a livable wage. That $500 a month would be fine but it doesn't cover any "Oh shit" that may come long.
Consider I have no rent or house-payment and not big consumer of things. No need to have the latest newfangled items that is out on the market.
I would say between $1,000 to $2,000 we could live comfortable. Cover pretty much any thing that may be toss at us.
I know if we had a big medical expense the $1,000 to $2,000 wouldn't amount to hill of beans.
Now I know there other circumstance one couldn't live as we do.
If one has children and either pay rent or a mortgage living on $1,000 to $2,000 a month may be different story.
Any business who is listed on any of the stock exchange should be able to pay a livable wage. Maybe a good conversation should also be on Exploitation of workers.
Wages gone down when the unions started to get busted during President Ronnie the clown (Reagan). Ronnie thought the trickle down economy would work
What usual happen the surf get a few trinkets toss to them and the royalty lines more of there pocket with jewels and gold.
Yes indeed we are repeating the gilded age and don't forget the robber barons.
The economy needs to be grown from the middle out. Which simple mean we need a strong middle class.
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Editor Note...I been having trouble with my desk top at home which I need to take in. I have a lap top but need to take it in where there is Wi fi.....this what I post on facebook.....desk top is down until I take it in....I do have a lap top which every so often I get a chance to comput...At my home we still use dial up and haven't found a price I'm comfortable or willing to pay...Call it frugal or cheap

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Pro-capitalism I Won't Confess to That..... I

When we first start to date Murphy was working on the green chain at local mill and was making about
$10.00 an hour and that was in 1983 and now mill worker makes about $11.00 an hour. That about what energy log place pays. Since the mill job he hasn't made over $14.00 an hour actual not many job around our area pays a livable wage unless you have a collage degree. Even now a college degree is debatable with cost and all.

Wages haven't increase actual they gone down in value. If mill got 3% wage increase since 1983 they should be making $18.45 and hour. I found out though google “Sawmill Chief Executive” they make $154,820 a year ($74.43 an hour) Not sure what the big shot at local mill around here makes.

In 2007 congress was the last time minimum wage was raise to $7.25 an hour. It wasn't enacted until 2009.

But according to .raise the minimum wage  in 1968 minimum wage was $1.68 an hour but in today dollars it should be $10.27 an hour that for 2011 if a person had 3% increase in wages it should actual be $10.90 an hour.
Minimum wage start in 1938 at .25¢ an hour. It was sit up to stimulate the economy If it was raise every year at 3% since it was enacted. Question time...What should it be actual now?. So the minimum wage been around for 75 years.
Some states now have what is called a livable wage which is It is generally understood that the minimum wage – even in states with higher-than-federal rates - is inadequate to support a family of any size.  As a result, the concept of a “living wage” has gained popularity, as advocates, academics and policymakers have explored other ways of defining a wage level adequate to support a decent standard of living in America.

Raising up the wages will increase the unemployment rate. No it won't only thing it going to give the 1% a little sting, they make most of the money instead of getting 100 foot vessel they might have to settle for something three inches shorter.
Not many employers really gives a rat ass about there employees.
Sure there are the small business owner who really don't make that much but there not sailing on a 100 foot vessel either or spending two weeks touring some exotic place. As there employee's can qualify for food stamps. Take a good look at most of the big box store.

One thing needs to be taking in. Is contract or freelance workers. This is new group of workers it doesn't necessary mean that the employee seeks his or her own terms when it comes to wages.
There are employees who will tell a person how much they worker for and give them a 1099 tax form.
Which means nothing been taking out.
The sad thing is a person who gets 1099 have to match there own social security tax which now I believe is 15.3% and what every else taxes are involved.
Actual there employee who pays under $10 and hour and uses the 1099...So after the worker matches there own social security there hourly wages comes to $8.47. There the other taxes one needs to pay. Yes there more deduction for both employee and employer.

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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Where Now Shall It Go

Now we're on the North side of our place. This side will be the most difficult. Chimney and the porch is in the way. But actual there not much damage.

I've always want to put a small tree under 15 feet in height on the North side. For about two months July and August in late afternoon the sun sure heats up that side.
Getting the scaffolding into a good position on this side to paint, could be a feat in it self. There is out side entrance to the basement to contend with.

I've heard it both ways. To or Not to cut back the leaves on Iris once there done blooming. Murphy actual enjoys the leaves on Iris.
The iris leaves was blocking the light to the other plants.
So I weed and roughly cut back about 10% of iris leaves. To help let in some light. Some of my flowers are pretty small do to lack of sunlight.
I'm waiting for the lilies to open up. As I was cutting the iris back and weeding. I end up breaking one of the lilies, on the short side. So I put it in coffee cup and in hope it will open.
Actual there only little bit of color now, one little ole purplish poppy and a two small bunch of lavender in bloom.

In our veggie garden we planted a short roll of green beans. Ran out of bean seeds! So I had an old seed pack of nasturtiums from 2008. Finish the bean roll out with the nasturtiums.
The strawberries are starting to dwindling out. I would guess I got a gallon of berries of our last picking.
Pick our first mess of beet greens. Hubby and I will have them for dinner.
For your info...My late Aunt Joyce couldn't every get her tongue around the word “Nasturtiums” so she would call them “Nasty Ladies”

I'm still figuring how to increase the garden. I would like a place for fruit trees and berries. Our garden is about 24X40 feet.
Once the south side of the place is done. I'll have anther place open an 8X30 a good place for herbs and other produce.
So That will free some space in the main veggie garden.
One need to be careful of what and where things are planted...deer sure can be a pest.

Huckleberry season is now here. We're working on place but rather be out getting huckleberries.

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Friday, July 05, 2013

Weekend Photo Hunt (Children-Go)

Children sure enjoy a dip in the pool. 

It seem like we are always on go. Once Murphy retired we been finding so much to do around the place.

Next weekend photo hunt theme will be flamboyant and or work place 

As you can see we been working on the northwest corner. There was some minor structural damage done by the chimney, melting and freezing. Plus a birds kept coming in and building there nest.
We planning to put some type of heating coil on that corner of the place. All in all it doesn't look at that bad. Might as well take care of it before it comes bad.

Garden seems to be coming along nicely. After we get a spot painted we head out to the garden. Usual we weed but once in while we get chance to hoe or replant something.

Our bean seeds seem to be get eaten up by the bird. So we scrunch some deer netting and placed it over the new planting of green beans
I believe once the beans get to be about an inch or so we need to remove it.
If we don't the plant will be in-tangle in the fencing. 

Before we went over to my Sister in Law Faith for 4th of July barbeque. Murphy and I finish the peak in front of the living room window.
Small gathering for the 4th Most of people there was Faith family, total of 15 ate.
We never even got hold of our sons. I figure they was things more exciting to do in Spokane over the 4th
The weekend of the 12th our annual family reunion is to be held at pond here. Both of my son and Betty will be up.

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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Weather Report For June 2013 & Other Stuff

June 2013...Warmest day was on the 30th at 93.9 (34.3)... Coldest day was on the 20th 26.8 (2.8)...Average high for June was 76.3 (24.6)...Average low for June 38.2 (3.4)...Rain 3.75 (9.5)...This year and last year the hottest day was at end of the month...Not much blooming at the end of June.

I know I should have more to report on. My doggie Daisy ate my report...Toward the end of each month I like to adventure out and visit some different blogs and this month I went out and visit people who are Witches and Wiccan.
One could use the term “Pagan” which would cover all of your bases.

These three blogs before and thought they was worth mentioning.

As your drink your coffee hope you fine time to stop in and check out these blogs.

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