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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Photo Hunt (Protect(ion))

I did remember photo hunt and today theme is Protect(ion) and next week theme will be “walking”

Living in North Idaho one has to protect there garden from all types of critters. My friend Qunelle protects her flowers in her rockery beds from the deer. By covering them with wire fence lying down.
Murphy and I just got a fence put up around our garden to keep the deer out.

I took Quenella in town so she could do her errands, She had to stop in and pick up her glasses and actual these glasses she got is quite becoming.
But at the end of us running errands
We stop and look at our three-thrift store and we got a new one here in town. It funds the spade and neutering of animals.

I got this carpet shampoo it’s an Oreck and at this time I couldn’t afford one of them retail. I paid $25.00 for it.
This came from our new thrift store in town

One thing I do when I go to a thrift store I look at the shoes. I have a wide foot and my ache set back a ways.
If I found a pair of shoes that fits I pick them up. If I like them.
I found these sandals over at community thrift store and paid $3.00 for them.
Before that we went to the other thrift store and got this blouse for $2.00.
I spent what I could afford at the thrift store.
Bart got the prom this weekend. So we are short on cash

Quenelle gave me some golden oregano. I haven’t yet started an herb bed yet. So there is bare spot down in the gull so it went in there.
I took small piece and put it in a box planter. Plan to give my sister in law Faith a chunk of it.
I told her that I had some extra tomato’s plants that I’ll just give her.
We started a mixture of lettuce seeds in some little pots a heirloom mixture type. Which I got for free.

Our drip coffee maker bit the dust. So I have a percolator coffee maker. Actual I like prek coffee.
I have to say I find the sound of percolator coffee pot has a soothing sound.


  1. I love the sound of coffee percolating! It's a soothing happy sound with the promise of something yummy to come!

    Excellent thrift store purchases! :)

  2. That is a great ideal with the fence. I love the graphic you use with the moon.

  3. I know just what it's like to have deer in a back yard. When we lived in the foothills of Colorado, deer, beer and all kinds of critters would come eat out garden and even fruit off the trees.

    Thanks for visiting me yesterday. Hope your Sunday was pleasant.


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