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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Those Demon Are Driving Me Nut In #12

We’re having some one else staying with us now in bit I’ll give her a stage name later. But I want to talk about my client and friend Donna.
The other day I mention she is terrible over weight and I’m betting she is 400 pounds.
And I posted how she keeps everything and lives a life of organized clutter which I organize

Well today I sat down and talk to her about that she thought she had demons and needed to get rid of them.
She heavy duty in to the Christen faith and please I’m not deny anyone of any type of spiritual path of their choosing.
Any how she believe that all other faith our part of Satan.

Well back to the Demon that is attach to her. I ask her how long these Demon been attach to her.
And she said since she got divorce and her mom died it been 30 years or more.
Then I asked why she wasn’t done anything about these demons.
Well she told me that God just talk to me and showed me.
It seems to me that she real doesn’t want anything to do to get rid of them.
Well I don’t have trouble with evil spirits hooking on to me and I’m not saying they don’t try or hook on to me.
But I get rid of them very quickly and last time I had something of that energy attach to me was when I came of Barton.
I told the evil energy to take a hike and your messing around with the wrong girl.

I don’t understand why someone want to keep those evil spirits in them.
So I suggested that she gets some one in Christen Faith to do a deliverance of her demon that is attach to her.
I know I wouldn’t be sitting around let them build on me or feed on me.
Statement time..It driving me nuts

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