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Thursday, October 23, 2008

No The Elephant Haven't Yet But There Others Things Going On

In a very short time in fact two days it will be time for my meme called In the know and this month question will be What holiday don’t you like and how would you change it
I’ll be posting this all on Saturday the 25th

For the rest of the month their a survey on my side bar please take time and give your opinion

Recently I started to attend place called the common thread. It fairly new place and it closes thing I found to the gardenia center in Sandpoint.
Last night we all had to bring something to share. Well being a newbie I decided to keep it simple and it shared 10 of my blessing but first I shared some good news

We all hear about the news related to Iraq and usual it not good. But I’m going to share some good news.
A pair of Bengal tiger cubs were donated to the zoo in Baghdad. These two cubs was transport by the military and donate by a North Caroline animal sanctuary.
Yes, these two are name Riley and Hope.

Now for my ten blessing that I shared…
1. I have a great client that she treats me like a friend.
2. I get two take her dog Rex for a walk and I get exercise. So I’m killing two birds in one stone.
3. We got about 2 and half cords of firewood in. I’m blessed that we are able to get own firewood.
“Although we get easier pieces now.”
4. I’m blessed that I have hubby who works and take care of his family.
5. We have an extra bedroom that someone could use.
6. Our dog Daisy greets me when I get home who so thrilled to see me and never judges me.
7. I’m blessed to live in area with the four seasons and this fall colors been beautiful.
8. We’re blessed that we never had any major trouble with our two boys.
9. I’m blessed that my parents taught me to think out side of the box.
10. I’m bless to find this place of spiritual place before I had to drive to Sandpoint to the Gardenia Center, now I have two places to go.


  1. I think those are wonderful blessings that you shared. So many times we complain about what we DON'T have and yet never realize just how much we DO have!! Hope all is going well with you, dear Dora. I'm trying hard to catch up with everyone after being away for a few days!! xox

  2. Anonymous9:56 PM

    what a beautiful list of blessings, peppy. wonderful! may you be blessed more. ♥

  3. That's a wonderful blessings list. Hope you will share more about Common Thread, glad you have a spiritual place to go that's closer for you.

    PS- Tag, you're it! See my blog.


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