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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sort Of Not

I was total surprise my weight was up. It was weigh in for T.O.P.S and I gain over a pound. Last week my average calorie intake was 1,730.
Our dist coordinator came and see how our group was ran..Our group has a chart and our sectary keeps track of our weigh gain and lost. Our group was up 2 pounds.
One thing we do is a pledge for a week....Here is my pledge..."I will not eat after 7PM" I repeated once again.
She was impress with it. Not sure how she felt about the rest of the meeting. We have a can filled with topic we can talk about. The person who loose the most weight for the week can draw out of the can.
So today was...Question time...what is some of your bad habits and some of your good ones?...Putting things off. I keep telling my self I need to go for a walk and I actual like walking. I sort Scarlett O'Hara and delaying it "I'll thinking about that tomorrow, tomorrow is anther day". But I can't tell you how many times in morning and I think about doing walk but I say to my self "Oh I will that this evening" and don't follow though.
But I develop a good habit that I been keeping a food journal and decreasing my calorie count by 25 a week.
Like I said I was up. I start a goal that I would be down to 200 pounds by July 4th, and start on April 11 and weigh in at 222. As you can see I gain.
I'll continue to work at loosing weight.

I sort of look though my spending in the month of May. Some of my category I over spent and other I under spent. My Internet bill is do in June. I pay for three months at time which is $177. So that comes under my yearly bills. So this time coming up. I will pay my Internet and put a side $80 for some other up coming bill. I know I have some bills coming due in September once again Internet, and house insurance.
Computer is back to normal. But I still want to share photos and I'm going to see if my grand niece Meg and see if she can fix it so I can once again start posting photo

I get tired of eating the same thing. So I sign up for BLUE APRON. My son Sawyer does it. But we're only going to get box last week of the month. Couldn't afford to do it on weekly.
Got a call from Bart he seem chipper. And he told me it was all my fault he has a brain tumor. My reply was have your insurance company sue me, and
 they would have to take my place and I will be moving in.
So he going to tomorrow and see the surgeon who remove his tumor, and we will know more.
He doesn have his sense of humor.
Statement time...I belive it would be easier to keep postive attidude if we live in a make believe world.

Coffee is on

Monday, May 22, 2017

Now Back To A Normal Life

I yet haven't figure what is normal life. It would be a lot easier if I gave asking about life question.
Question time...what is the last odds thing you google...History of making men erect...As some of you know I do Genealogy or family history.
Some of my past relatives did have bunch of rug rats. There been old men who had young wives more then 30 years apart.  Ended up having bunch of children, 8 or more some even had 15 kids.
Things like viagra came out in 1998, I guess what sort of things men way back then use to have erection. They work a lot harder back then they do now. But they did mange to reproduce.

Not saying I didn't have moments with my sons. But as adults no trouble. Sawyer the only thing he did was disrupted the entire cafeteria in middle school by setting off a stink bomb.
Well Liz is still having issue with her son Paul. He won't drink and something trigger him and he starts to binge drink.
Some how he end up over WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS  Not quite a seven hour drive from Bonners Ferry.
Well he was so drunk and going down the wrong side of road. Plus his tabs was expired, no insurance, no driver liaisons, and multi arrest.
When he get drunk he treats his mom like shit. Calls her all nasty names and even pisses on her leg.
It lucky he hasn't killed anyone. I hope he can get the right type of help. See when he not drinking he does fine. And is quite likeable.
Then her ex Earl hadn't been around for a while. But she had a video of him go on. Any how he sound completly  like idiot. He was smoking orjel and was thinking about buying it by the case.
Then that day he mount a propane tank thinking it was his Harley.

I post about my friend GRACES passing and couldn't get a photo of her up.
She tried to make a world a better place and expected nothing in return.

I once again cut my calories down by 25 calories this up coming week. My daily intake calories should be 1,847.
Almost to 1,800 calories and I'm going to maintain that for a while.
I need to get more exercise in.

Still looking for DONATION for Ms Daisy. The other day I took $30 out of my last check and put it my snow people can.
But remember I match up to $50.

Murphy mowed the lawn today and I know people who are much older and don't seem to get exhaust as much as he does.

Getting closer and closer getting the locker hook rug done.
Lap top is running much better. Still can't get photos off my camera on to the computer and would love to take photos of area and share then with you.

WOOF AND WEAR just came out with there new summer line. Part of profit goes to local animal shelter.
Statement time....I don't what there over head is so not sure of profit margin. But anyone who makes the world a better place is a better for doing it.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

She Was Amazing

Usual on Wednesday I would take Grace to do her marketing. She stood up for the wrongs in our world and she did it with class...I'm very proud to know her and learn about being a better person...

Grace Siler
December, 1922 ~ March 4, 2017
March 13, 2017
Grace Siler passed away peacefully on March 4, 2017, at Hospice House of Spokane, at age 94. The cause was heart failure. An informal memorial gathering of friends and family will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 21, at the Pearl Theater, 7160 Ash Street, Bonners Ferry.

The hours are scheduled to be from 2 until 4 p.m., but we will stay as long as is appropriate. The event will be a "light refreshment" pot luck. Coffee and tea will be provided, and we will be serving Junior's Cheese Cake from Brooklyn, New York, one of Grace's favorites. Feel free to bring a little something or not, as the mood takes you. Everyone is invited to share their memories of Grace. This is not to be a solemn occasion, as Grace would have absolutely hated that.

 Since Grace had so many friends that we have not had the good fortune to meet, if you know of anyone who would like to be there, please pass on the invitation.

The family would like to thank Hospice of Spokane and Dr. Paula Dygert for their compassionate care of Grace.

Grace was a Bonners Ferry resident from 1988 until 2014, when she moved to Spokane to be nearer to family.

Grace was born in New York City in December, 1922, to immigrant parents Minnie and David Fishman. The Fishman marriage was not successful, and Minnie raised Grace and her sister with the help of extended family. After graduating high school, Grace held various office and factory jobs. During World War II she worked as a machinist.

Grace married William Siler in 1946, and they had two sons. The young family lived in various places in New York and spent two years in Birmingham, Alabama, in the mid-1950s. When the marriage ended, Grace raised her sons in Queens. After they were grown, she went to night school and earned a B.A. in anthropology, magna cum laude, from Queens College in 1979. She retired as a secretary from the American Paper Institute in Manhattan in 1987.

Throughout her life, Grace was an advocate for human rights. As a young woman, she was a union organizer in the light bulb factory where she worked and also helped engineer the employment of the first black light bulb assembler there. Grace was a firm believer in desegregation and did not just talk about it. She and her white friends would interview as prospective tenants in what were then all-white buildings, get approved, and then have black families move in instead. As a young mother, Grace noticed that all the Cub Scout troops in her area were racially segregated. She became a den mother and went against scout policy to form an integrated den.

Later in life, Grace actively supported environmental causes, education, and civil rights.

Grace greatly enjoyed her retirement years in Bonners Ferry and was an avid gardener and photographer. She was a member of the Human Rights Task Force for many years. She always wanted what was best for the community and worked tirelessly to improve education in Boundary County. She was a popular reading buddy at Valley View Elementary School, and pushed hard for school bonds and levies. She was recognized as the BCEA Friend of Education for 2005-2006.

Grace is survived by two sons, XXXX  and XXX , and grandchildren XXX, XXX, XXX and XXX, as well as a great-grandson. Grace was predeceased by her sister, Joy Fishman, also a longtime resident of Bonners Ferry. Grace was a beloved matriarch who was absolutely loyal to family and friends and inspired great loyalty in return. She lived fearlessly, with humor and wisdom, and will be greatly missed.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Less Of Somethings

Had this lap top for a while, and it's starting to have issues. Confession...I'm afraid to use my credit card
Some how every so often in the right hand corner in bottom some videos ad pops up. Then when I click on something it takes me where I don't want to go.
So my hubby suggest we get anther lap top. The only thing I believe I want different is a large screen, a 17 inch would be nice. Not sure what the price difference between a touch and no touch screen. I just want a basic lap top for home use.
And want to spend under $400 on it.
Question time...what do you recommend for a lap top?

This afternoon I went to bank and depoist my paycheck. In my bullet journal I made section for money what comes and goes out.
I been doing pretty good of keeping track of it all.
One thing when June comes. I'm going to have less catagories. Right now there is 16 of them.
I stop by Regis and took him out for coffee.

Since we and I'm including my self. We didn't order coffee. One those fancy drinks. If fitday doesn't have calorie count on something, they do have a large selection of items.
But I don't want to waste my time looking for it. I decided to use an average out to 160 calorie per item. I had two items there so I took off 330 calorie and that leaves me 1,567 calories for day.
I had 1,554 calories

But before that Murphy and I went down to MOOSE VALLEY   and got some plants some unusal tomatoes and artichokes.
He also plant more in the garden chard, onions, carrots, and something else that start with the letter m.
I looked a bit at flowers. But my present flower beds need so much work and I can't even take care of the ones I have.

Sawyer my son just got this car. An TOYOTA MR2. He down in Medford Oregon. Coversation and I don't get it. Please explain it me.
MOM: When I come down there next time are you going to let me drive it. Betty (Sawyer wife) can direct me to local pub.
SAWYER: If you don't teach here to drive it without a clutch
MOM: ?????? I still know how to drive a clutch. I drove your MR2 before.

Some things in life I could do less of. I have blog about less of some things. Like sex it been a while since I blog about that. And all most daily I mention something about work.

Coffee is on

Friday, May 19, 2017

I'll Cry If I Want To

Never and I'm using the word never and yesterday when someone use the word "Never" there a good chance one will eat humble pie.
Yes, and anther one was brought to my attention was "I always" I can see using that term one will also be eating "Humble Pie"

This morning as I was getting dress and looking though my tops, trying to figure the one I like to wear. Notice I could use a few more tops.
Suddenly the nightmare of trying to find something that fits. Confession time...I've tried on tops and it brought tears to my eyes out of frustation.
If it fits me in the shoulder it usual won't fit me in bust. If I find one that fits me in shoulder I should go and purchase foot ball shoulder pads and go see if I can be lineman for pro foot ball team.

Total lost on how to trans photo off my X'D card. Thought my USB reader was shot. No that not the case. So I went to library and it could be possible that my usb ports are lock. So I printed out instutions  and briefly gave it a try. Confession time...I can mess up computer so easy.
So now I belive I will give my grand niece a try to fix it. If that doesn't work I'll have to take it to a shop.

See I don't have to attend a party to cry.

Before I went to work I did a few small chores around the place.

Murphy spend time planting in garden. He put in radishes, lettuce, and I belive is broccoli. As I was coming home from work he was finishing up dishes.

Bart call the other day and he keeps doing better day by day. His humor, will, and his age is best thing going for him.

Thank you for all who send postive buzz to him.

I was thinking maybe I want to try Esty again but guess what I need to get the photo issue fix.
Friendly remind I'm still seeking donation for Daisy. On the right hand side of blog there is a link called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning" and I match up to $50
The lock hook rug I been working on is on it way of being finished.
Did my Friday morning weigh in and I'm back down to 221.75 (100.58)
Table is starting to be come clutter so I'm going to get on it before it becomes a crisis.

Coffee is on

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Some Time My Light Is A Flicker

I learn over the years. Isn't life a wonderful teacher. Question time...What has life taught you?...One word I try avoid using is NEVER  The odds are you will be taking a bite of  HUMBLE PIE
The only thing I would use the word never in is...I will never dig my own grave. And maybe anther day I might come up anther way of using "Never" but it sure wouldn't be a lot.

I took Regis to his doctor appointment, and we went and bought a piece of pie at PANHANDLER PIES He had banana cream and I had rhubarb.
But afterwords we went to library he got some dvd, and I got a book BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES 3RD EDITION it's not the newest edition.
and one thing I did and alway want to is to change my comment format, and I did so I can interact to comments.
I always want to be able to reply back to those who are kind enough to leave a comment.
There other thing I may or not want to try I've seen in this book...I use to do TECHNORATI but as fast as things come and go on net. One might want google...What every happen to______ or How long will _______ be around.
Two other things I've seen in this book I might be interested in trying is BOING BOING and the other would be DIGG.Confession time...#one reason I blog I enjoy it and want to continue having fun.
Not to come a business. Sure it would be nice to make a few dollars here and there.

I find these DUMMIES book a great reference for many things. And now the dummy books been around for just slightly over 25 years.
I have few I bought a few dummy books.

I rarely have trouble with depression but this morning. I was realy down in the dump and had trouble funtioning.
I mange to pull my self together as I had to pay attention about what was going on when Regis had his doctor appointment.
But I know I need a chocolate fix and head over to CHOCOLATE BEAR but they were close. So I had to find anther way to bring up my ENDORPHINES. So once I drop Regis at
the library I went for a short walk, and I see they leave the best for last. Sex that is.

Murphy got the garden rotilled. I'm wondering if I should try to fix the issue with my usb ports or see if one of my grand niece or nephew can do it. I would give them a Hamilton or a Jackson.
I believe a picture is worth forty five cents.

Doing a lot better my light is shinning brighter then this morning. But I sure wouldn't say I'm overly bright but I get along nicely.

Coffee is on.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Now What Do I Say

As all of you know by now that it almost been a week since my son had tumor remove from his brain.
My son did call and by his voice he doing better.
But since the biopsy isn't back. We don't know for sure if it benign or malignant. But still I can hear a little worry in his voice.
I guess the hardest part for me is trying to keep positive attitude and keeping a reality in check.
His age is his biggest factor that favors him, he 26. His will to take care of his family a wife and one daughter, plenty of support, and he is in good health.
Plus the doctor seem positive and the surgery did go well.

I did mange to get in a short walk this morning and I was under my daily calorie count. Today I ate 1,781 and what I'm trying for is 1,897

Both my clients goes to group and Regis got his day mix up. And thought today is there luncheon. They was going to have chili, but it next week.
Today topic was EMPATHY and seeing it from the other point of view. I've wonder why some people lack empathy.
Well there wired that way and or they live in there own little world. And believes everyone lives as they do.
I found this little QUIZ on empathy. By this quiz I have empathy.
Confession time...I feel better when people ask me about Bart it helps me knowing someone cares.

One thing I need to get someone to look at my computer so I can put up photos. My locker hook rug is coming a long nicely.
And still on the right hand side of blog there is a link "Dasiy Teeth Cleaning" and I'm seeking donation. I would like to thank those who shared her story and donated. Remember I match donation up to $50
I vacuum before I went to work.

Coffee is on


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