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Sunday, October 22, 2017

It Is Done

I usual never think I ever complete anything. I guess there some truth a woman work is never done. Well I know I wasn't going to complete this quilt. There this spot on the quilt that I'm having diffucult sewing the binding down, several attemps and now I'm ripping it out and will try to move it over a bit.

It been quite windy and three of our fence post blew over. Two from our veggie garden and the other one from our strawberry patch. So we replace them.
I notice a bird next in one of the tree that lost all of it leaves.

These are some of squares I will possible be using for my next quilt. I believe I need 78 8 inch ones. I might want to put in an extra roll in.

I just finish up anther tarot cards, which was the page of swords I just drew anther one and it was the two of swords.
I have some ideal what I feel I need in this up coming card.
Well the swords deals with thought, logic, and intellegence. and number two is dealing with such things as joining together.
But soon as I get the two of swords done. I will take the last three cards I done and tell a story of BOGAS. tarot reading in simple story telling. No one can truely see the future.

Yesterday since I couldn't fine any dividers, and it was sujected I make some. I like this ideal. So I been looking around and yet haven't came across anything and ceral box would work great. So I have no reason to go to Sandpoint which has a dollar store. So for now I will keep looking for things I can make dividers with. But if I fine some under $2.50 I will pick them up.

Murphy called me to look at one of the sunset. I'm taking part in a seven day challenge to post a black and white photos for the next photo.
I like how bright that one tree and reflected colors on the pine trees.

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Before Lunch and After

I'm morning person. I can't say I've done thing leaps an bounds. One thing Murphy and I did went to one of our local store, and I want to purchase a simple thing as some notebook dividers. Do you think they had any, no. I'll check shopko across the street. Usual there prices makes my jaw gasp open. I went and got some cheap or though was cheap brushes, for my clients. Well Shopko was charging $4.99 and at Super one there $1.99.
The dividers shouldn't be over $2.50, and I'm willing to bet that Shopko would be well over $2.50
I need them for my book of shadow.

I start on my next tarot card. The PAGE OF SWORDS and this card came to me quite easy. I will need tutorials for some of it.

Next Thursday the 26 will be our pagan general gathering. And I'm going to do a testimony and lead a class about making a your own tarot cards.
The few I done I learn about my strength and weakness I have....So this Thursday I'm going to bring a large recipe cards and there will be art supplies. Each of us will draw one tarot card from my House Wife tarot cards and do your own version of that card.
But I did type out a basic guide...but I didn't put much in it. I want them coming up with there own version.
There five section to the tarot deck...One is the major arcana and the other ones are the elements cups which represent our emotion, elements pentacles which represent earth, elements of swords represent air and the last one is element of fire.
I just drew a card "nine of pentacles"
Well first since I know it a pentacles I know it represents things such as grounding and logic. The number nine represent completion...So this card would be a good one to look around what you have completed and see your accomplishments. Today I got all the dishes done before lunch.

I got my quilting class on Monday and I haven't done anything since last Monday and I know I won't I get all the hand stitching when comes to the binding.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

It Won't Do Any Good

I was going to scold my self on trying to move forward on being or developing better health. I did ok and kept everything in check. Until I got over to Liz and she has this cheddar pop corn, oh so good. And one hand full lead to anther.
So if I can learn to limited or control my self I just need to say "No Thank You" any how there no reason to be rude or uncivilized.

I took Regis to Sandpoint, and took a photo of one there murals.

There a lady who planted bunch of beautiful flowers around her place. At some time there going to be a killer frost, and I'll sure miss the flowers. I know there reason for all this.

Week went well and looking for my weekend. I bought a three ring binder to start a "book of shadow" and haven't yet started anything in it. One of my friend suggest first page could be a letter to one self.
I heard of this put have never done one.

So glad a weekend is here. Paid my water and gas bill...Coffee is on

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Titter Tatter Around The Place

Pretty Much got Liz move out of her old place. As I was moving her I got wet from the rain. So I got slightly chilled.
And I'm having trouble warming up. But the good thing I don't have sore Thort or mussel.
So what left she can pretty much mange on her own. Opinion time...The only thing what left in the pile there I would put some effort to get is the vacuum.
The few other items can be easily replace from a thrift store

As those who read my post as many know I've been going over to Troy. Last time I took a short walk up Callahan creek.

Since I didn't real go to work. I did stop at Regis and made a phone call and took him to the store.
I know I wasn't even there an hour.

So I just tittered around the place. Clear off my dinning room table. I swear it has a magnet on it and things just sticks to it.

Since I was home, I posted our accua in our local facebook group "for sale" It does have some issue. I just want it out of the yard. I found this car uncomfortable.

Most of my fabric I fine at local thrift store and other bargain places. So today I press out some fabrics and cut out 8 inch squares for the quilt I'm working on.
I got the four colors cut out for Sawyer and Betty locker hook rug.

Our next pagan general gathering and meeting. I'm going to lead the group. We're each going to make a tarot card and write a store using a three of the cards.
I just got my papers written up that I will be give each person. I still need to type it up. And it could be put in there Book Of Shadow, and even part of my blog could be use as book of shadow.

I'm almost done with my miso broth and I need to get back to titter and tattering around the place.

Coffee is on

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Can Handle It

I'm at the local library using there computer. Finish up with Regis and latter on I will head over to Liz. But first she has appointment with her therapist.

I'm having a little trouble trying to figure what to actual blog about. Well last evening I drove over to Troy for my quilting class.
I know people including my self does play a roll on world stage. I notice the ladies in this quilting class seem to have the income to purchase fabric and large amounts at retail prices.
Murphy and I have a queen size bed and one can pick up fabric for $10 a yard locally. And a good around figure is 7 yards. And the reason I say 7 yards, I like some hang on my quilt. So for me I would estimate 8 yards. And I haven't figure out batting or anything else.
I'll let you figure the cost of doing a Quilt. It could easily be over a $100.

Weigh in at our local T.O.P.S group I was up a half a pound. Gee I thought I was doing such a good job this week.
I'm not sure what went wrong. But there always the next three seconds. One can start moving forward to a better life.

I wear an pedometer and I notice I could and should get a few more steps in. So I make it appointment to park a little father away so I can get those extra steps in. As Regis was at his appointment I did mange to get a short walk in.

I like to get up between 5 and 7 in the morning. In my neck of woods I notice that the sun is coming up shortly before 8 in the morning.

Gee no more political and spiritual talk. I'll leave it at that before I get into trouble.

Coffee is on 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fun Talent

Never heard of one needs talent to have fun. I went to "paint one on" at a local wine place, called HEART ROCKS WINE. I can see plenty wrong with it. But I was there to have fun. There were five ladies plus owner.
We all basic painted the same thing, and they all look slightly different. I have a "Happy Sheep" who know he miss the slaughter house.

Murphy and I fix the strawberry patch fence, re force it. Then did a little bit of angling on the deck boards, so the water will run off and ice won't form.
Not sure if our deck would be a recycles or repurpose. Most of the lumber came from the shed we tore down from the shed out on the bench.

I had Murphy take some photos of me. I thought I want some newer ones of my self. So I took what I thought was the 3 best out of 15. I know we see our self different then others.

Ziggy was looking in. He will sit by the bathroom door and if he knows some one bathing or shower and soon as we get out, he'll jump right in.
We're always saying to him....Your a strange one, Mr Ziggy.

Still learning more about instgram and I got some of my photos post, but there a few I want to post more.
Weighed in this morning, happy and my goal is to have the T.O.P.S scale to be under 221.50
I drew my next tarot card I'm going to draw, and it the sword of page. I have my vision what I believe it should look like.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

In An Minute We Move Foward

This morning and we did have a light frost. I did mange to get a short walk in. The larch haven't yet start to turn color. If your curious what a larch is...best way to explain it, would be...A pine tree that change colors and loose it needles. But actual it classify as a deciduous fir tree.

A short time back a larch was remove. The field is own by a Mormon family. And they do have sense of community and family with there own members.
I guess one of there members need help with firewood, and was willing to take a larch out and gave it to him.
But like many religious organization there to much Male controlled.

But it did change the landscape. When a tree is remove there something will advantage and others it doesn't.

During one of late summer wind storm. I believe it was in 2016. That a top of tree blew out. And the people who own the field across from us, pulled up. So Murphy and I went cut and split it as firewood.
At one time our main source of heat was wood, and supplement with gas. Now gas is our main source of heat and supplement with wood.

There a few things I need to finish up. But I'm going to fall over a some what political rant. I guess it depends way you lean. I recently made a comment about Harvey Weinstein. But we have a sexual predator and perv as our President. Do you recall during the election when Candidate Trump use the phase "Grab em by the pussy" In being fair I should mention "Bill Clinton and Monica". Before social media it was pretty much could be kept in the closet. It known that President Harding was a TRUE PERV

Still need and want to do a few small things around here. The wood still need to be unload and place in basement.
There wash going and will need to be transfer over to the dryer. There were a small amount of fabric's I'm trying to get the smell out of it, to perfumie.
And as for my crafts I know I won't complete. But I still need to continue on my binding on the quilt and sew anther ball of fabric so I can continue with the crochet rag rug.
Well There an excellent change I will get the tarot card I been working on.

Coffee is on


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