Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Today Is Wednesday November 25 2020, This Is What Happen

 Canker sore in mouth, worried about Liz. Thinks are not working out as Liz thought for Grandson.

Our family on my mom side had a set of my Uncle and Aunt raised there granddaughters. Which had some issues, not saying they were bad or awful people. First of all there son (my first cousin) ruled the coop. I recall when we were teenagers. We as cousin was over at Uncle John and Aunt Joyce their youngest. Looked at his mother and said "Hey you f en bitch, give me $20 or slap you" she hand him a $20 bill. We just there with our mouth hide open a gasp and in shock. He pretty much bulled his parents. Then their two granddaughter they had custody with and see they have two different fathers. The oldest one her grandmother or my Aunt Joyce, would bad mouth her dad and anyone on that family. And as far as I know she wouldn't let the granddaughter have any contact with her father side. And she never got to know her dad, before he died. Well her oldest granddaughter ended up therapy, over issues of her relationship with her grandmother and her mother only being there part time. If your wondering why my Aunt and Uncle ended up with there granddaughters. There mother would basically drop off her two girls and disappear for months. Plus her mom just belittle and she was her mother whipping post. The son who took the $20 end up in prison. Cathy now is now dead, their second child. For some reason at times she said she was Kathy Frans. See my husband and her was in 4H together, And actual she would say her surname was Fran, and actual it was McCalmant. See one time I was showing  my husband some photos and there was Cathy my cousin, and then he told me how she said her last name was "Fran"  her mothers maiden name. I just hope the same situation doesn't happen to Liz Grandson.

Start to embroidery block for my granddaughter quilt. It been a while since I embroidery. But it came right back to me.

I also got curious on 4H see I was in it for years, and now they have a lot more things to choose from.

Stay Safe and Coffee is on


  1. I always say "Friends you choose, family you inherit" and sometimes the family is not really what you wanted !

  2. I'd like to see family tree graphic of what you described. Definition of a "dysfunctional family".?

  3. Man do I ever know a lot of families like that around here. Messed up, produce messed up kids who end up in jail and produce more messed up kids.

  4. Sometimes family is a bit of a struggle.

  5. Rather sad family stories.

  6. It's not so uncommon to have grandparents raise their grandchildren. Sounds like a troubled group.

  7. Pleased you've started the embroidery block for your granddaughters quilt. I think you will enjoy doing it.

    All the best Jan

  8. Your family background sounds very rough to me, I'm glad you turned out nice. I knew a family where I was growing up had six daughters at home always fighting and slapping each other, but nice as pie at school or elsewhere. I went home from school one day with a middle girl, and the fighting and slapping scared me so I ran away home and never visited again.


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