Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Visualize My Little World

Half way to 60 and I still dream of different things. Confession time...I like to look at picture book and or COFFEE TABLE BOOK 

The other day I took Regis to the library in Sandpoint and I got a few picture books to cruise though. One is on Bohemian decor.
The other one was on felt pieces. I only worked a little with felt but some of the piece has intrigue me.
Did get anther book but I am letting Liz cruise though it. and it about vintage fashion.

Now here for DEFENSE OF CLUTTER  DEFENSE OF CLEANESS  and I would like to be some where in balance of it all.

Confession time...I day dream of making my goal weight, creative things I could make, and making a difference in someone life. 

This morning I meant Quenella at Under the sun. Her and I had coffee and chat. Been practicing taking photos on automatic sitting. We were sitting in small corner table and I wondered what a photo would be though this old lead glass window.

Under the sun little shop reminds me of Bohemian paradise. 

So there and out door setting behind the place in alley.

Then our local community garden has planted different items full of veggies and herbs. Anyone who want some can harvest them.
It helps the local people who FOOD INSECURITY

Hollyhock are one my favor flower and the deer population play havoc on them. Actual there not much left of mine.
Qunella had Callie Niche do some alter a scarf for her. It been a while since I was in there. She has expanded her inventory. Notice she had a small section for jewelry making.

Well I did get the scales and from my last official home weigh in I was up .50 and weigh in at 201.50
And I gave Qunella some of my garden books.
Usual if I need to look up something I end up doing it on the internet.

Coffee is on


  1. I just look up recipes online now too, easier than reaching for the cookbook.

  2. I like Bohemian décor, it's relaxed and colourful. I should see if my local library has any books about it.

  3. That little shop looks pretty

  4. I dream all the time...about being thin and fit...future/dream houses....crafts..every thing!!!

  5. I do my recipe hunting online also. I did just recently get a cookbook from the library to browse through and realized what a pain it was lugging it home and back. Won't do that again.
    I always read on a tablet or my phone, but cookbooks don't read well electronically.

  6. The shop and the flowers look lovely :-)

  7. No one needs reference books anymore. I don't know if that's a bad thing.


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