Sunday, August 04, 2019

Sometime I Am Not Sure

There a lot of time I wonder how I got so much items. In simple and honest term I have to many things and there been time I couldn't find a practical. I will even put something up and say "I will remember were I put this"
Well sometime I and other time I don't.

My clutter is mainly art and craft supplies. Saying to my self these two....Statement time...."How what bargain"..."Oh I can make this out of this"
I keep thinking at later date I could make this once I retire.
Depends how long I live after retirement. But I will be on the lower 25% of social security income amount.
social security rate for 2019...Maximum $3,700, Minimum $771 ( the minimum might be combination of regular social security and supplement social security) and the average is $1,461
But here is STATE AVERAGE and I am in state of Idaho. Not sure when this was posted.
Not blaming anyone or . Some of choices my husband and I made when it came to money, will have an effect on our retirement.

Back to clutter Confession time...I don't have clutter of food and or what would consider toys. 
This weekend I start to go though and I have small pile of stuff, heading to thrift store.
But I look at closet, self, table or what every I don't know where to even start. Or even how to start.
I know things don't change over night or blink of eye.
Been trying to loose weight and become in better health. So I feel quite comfortable in calories I am consuming. This morning weigh in was 201.50
Our T,O.P.S meeting is canceled and I need to keep my self accountable. So our next weigh in is on the 13th of Aug.
But then my choices got me to were I am. This month I decided to work on my saturated fat intake. I am trying to consume less saturated fat.
But there also other nutritional area I could definitely work on. But which ones to I work on first.
A lease I don't feel over whelm when come to my health, but clutter I feel over whelm.

I know I could use a few tote and I have list of them....which are one large tote, then three variety size so I can put my craft projects in.
Statement time...I don't need to purchase tote to toss my items  in and end up being clueless what in the totes.

Hubby and I took down our TV which was above our roof and bought a HD ANTENNA to go on wall.
Once we got the outside dismounted and start to clean up after our self. Majority of items went to trash cans. But my husband start to carry the metal post that was in the ground, out to shed/barn...saying "This could come handy some day"
We have plenty of items that "could" come handy but when the time comes we can't find it.

Coffee is on


  1. If you contact the Social Security Administration, they can give you a better estimate of your anticipated Social Security benefits.

    I'm thinking I may have to move out of New York when I retire. I've got a pension and a 401(k) but it's not a lot of money,. and it's so expensive to live here.

    1. There several site and one is from the social security adm. There calculators and you can punch in numbers to see what you will possible get when you retire. I know won't be retiring at 63.
      I have quite a few blank years nothing paid in. I was a stay at home mom.

      I wonder why I have so much is simple I might be able to buy it once retire.

      One of my clients I took care she was from New York City.

  2. I have the same problem locating things I save for a time when they come in handy.

  3. I sometimes forget where I put stuff too.

    1. Right now I am wonder if I going to find the full card of photo.
      There one I want to enter in fair.
      Coffee is on

  4. I found that video to be quite interesting and maybe I will buy the book. After seeing that I think maybe my home is not as cluttered as I thought, but I do still have plenty of things I don't need.

  5. I worry about retirement also...I’m trying to take steps to fix it but I feel it’s a little too late.

    Crafts is where my tendency to add clutter to my life comes from also!!!

  6. I like to live a clutter-free life. I like to get rid of things I don't use.

  7. It is so easy to let things accumulate.

  8. Haha, I know what you mean - sometimes I even write down where I put things!

  9. Just today I'm going through some papers that I've let accumulate. I've thrown out quite a lot.

    Have you tried the keep/donate/trash piles method of going through things?


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