Friday, August 23, 2019

Now Here The Deal

Today Regis and I went out for a yard sale and stop at one of the thrift store. But before that we went up to Copeland cemetery.

It a small graveyard North of Bonners Ferry to look for ghost. Regis has a ghost box and he leaves a recorder on grave stone.

I haven't spend much time up in this grave yard. The only time I been there a few time to put flowers on my Aunt Alice and Uncle Udo grave. Never seen my Aunt Alice she was killed in car wreak a year before I was born.
Then my Uncle Udo died when eight or nine. I actual don't if I every meant or seen him.

I actual don't know if I every meant or seen him.
But every time I hear the name “Udo” I think the lyrics “who do you think you are” And I am clueless why this comes to my mind.

But I notice a few of the grave stone had almost like poetry on them. 

Then this one grave had W.A.S.P (white anglo saxon protestant) to me it sound kind of snobbish. I wonder if she possible surround by other then a group of her liking. Maybe she rolling around in grave.
Then I know this family name and this is first time I seen a Star of David, on grave maker.
There not many Jewish people here in North Idaho, and those are who up here is pretty well SECULAR

Then Regis and I stop at two yard sale and me and my fabric. I did get my grand daughter a toy. Regis got him a toy. He collector.

Then at one of the thrift store and found something that would work for fabric board. I bought one smaller pieces for .19¢ and want to take home and see if it would work.
There 20 pieces there of varsity of sizes, well there 20 sheets of it. I will go in Monday and offer them a flat rate of cash. I think I will start at ten bucks, and see what happen.
This place is seventh day Adventist. And they close early on Friday and will reopen on Monday at nine AM

I bought my self two purse at thrift store and I did drop off couple of small bags of things. I guess all said and done I got 20 items and which I think would be fair if I took 40 items back to the thrift store.

Coffee is on


  1. I just heard on the radio yesterday that because we're running out of land space and the cost of burial plots are so high, that families are burying up to 6 people in one plot!

  2. You had fun at the thrift store. Ghost hunting too

  3. There is a huge old cemetery here in Brooklyn, Greenwood Cemetery. They actually have tour guides to show you through it. Lots of old graves.

  4. Did Regis have any luck with his ghost box? Another two bags to add to your collection 😉

  5. Our graveyards look completely different besides the stone there is also a plate on the grave and flowers mostly.

  6. Love the bags, the one takes me back to mt hippy days, lol. I used to spend lots of times in graveyards, for some reason I just don't now. Too many hobbies and not enough time I guess; but....was there anything on the recording? How do you keep the recording going...I mean isn't there a limit on your tape or battery life etc?
    Sandy's Space

  7. I love old cemeteries. I think people who are very secular still like to identify with their religion at life cycle moments.

    A friend of mine was looking over my shoulder while I looked at your photos, and she is in love with your beaded bag...

  8. I love cemeteries - especially ones with my last name! I am a Copeland.

  9. I like old Churches and cemeteries, nice to see your photographs.

    I do like your bags, great colours.

    All the best Jan

  10. Pretty bags.

    There's a show about ghost hunting where they haven't found any ghosts. In 11 seasons...


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