Monday, August 05, 2019

Not Quite Over the Top

Usual on Tuesday I have my T.O.P.S meeting and weigh in. Our meeting is cancel do to bible vacation. We use the local Methodist church.
I will use my home scales in morning. So I can keep my self accountable. We're to keep in touch with each other, so thought I would send out 2 or 3 cards. Who doesn't like getting mail.
I set my calorie count between 2,060 to 2,310, and today was at 2,327. Over by little bit. But I got my steps in today.

I got the manual for my camera. It going to take me some doing to learn all the gizmos. So for sometime I am going to use my blog to practice on.
This week  I will be use the automatic focus.

Question time...Does anyone know what this single hangers are called? They work great for hanging purses and scarfs

Might not look like it but I taken a few things off this table. I would like sewing table I don't need much room.
At this angle it wouldn't work. So I could turn it fourth of way and possible use it. If that don't work I will see either one of my sons and there family would like it.
Then I will see if Liz or her son want to buy it for $50. If not I will listed for $75 or $100.

One little last thing I lost 3.25 pounds for the month.

Coffee is on


  1. I call those hangers "S Hooks" I have no idea if that is the official name or not.

  2. You´re very accurate with your weight!
    I have to admit I don´t even have a scale - and I know why ;-)

  3. Congratulations on 3.25 pounds. I think I put ON that much :(
    I looked at your table and straight away got up and tidied my own. Surprising how quickly things pile up, isn't it?

  4. Hari Om
    I like the idea of running with one operation at a time on learning the camera gizmos! I look forward to seeing results. YAM xx

  5. Yes, those are S hooks.

    Congrats on the weight loss.

  6. Great on the weight loss, little bit little

  7. There is some mail I don't like getting. Bills. Junk mail. Bad news...


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