Friday, August 02, 2019

It Hot

Now we're in August and I got my Bullet Journal sat up. Plus had time to review my health notes and such.
I did a little research on what I eat and I feel I need to decrease my SATURATED FATS My average is at 22 grams or little over 1 tablespoon and let say it lightly over flowing. Even 22 grams is still ok but it about out of the healthy range.
I like my saturated fat to between 18 to 16 grams for us American a heaping tablespoon.

Well Thursday I thought of change up my walking a little bit. I pretty much walk the same area. So Thursday I went down to Doggie park or few locals call the ball park.

This area pretty much flat but there a little incline up to rive dike. Or over to the back ponds which is longer walk but no hill to climb. So I decided to go up the hill instead

Well work going ok. Liz had a couple days of rough period. But she seem to be coming around. One thing my client wants to do is go up to LEONIA a old ghost town. Week from today (8-2) is to cool down a bit and so we can take short hike up to there,

As I walk up to top of the dike hill just slightly by the highway bridge that goes over the Kootenai river.
Had every intention to take a few items to the thrift store. I have a shelf mix of mainly craft type of books and other items. Out of the other items I keep saying this could go and this could go. Do they go of course not.
Well once again in my bullet journal there a place to mark off when I take things to the local thrift store. 
I ask my self why and how I got so much stuff, it mind boggling.
Kootenai river from the dike. Across the way is KOOTENAI RIVER INN

Coffee is on


  1. Always good to declutter

  2. You live in a very pretty area. I love the photo of the river. I want to hear more about the ghost town.

  3. Hari OM
    Decluttering is always a challenge - and I always have that question too - where did it all come from??? That's a pretty view over the river. YAM xx

  4. I like your pictures. It's hot here too. 111 on Monday.

  5. It's easy to decide what needs to go. Figuring out where to take it, however...


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