Saturday, August 03, 2019

I Won't Try to Bore You With What Every

Can't recall which two night was second around of debates for the democrat candidates.  But in here is eight candidates I leaning towards in alphabetic order.
Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Bill de Blasio, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Marianne Williamson, and Andrew Yang.
Yesterday I mention my goal to get my saturated fat under 18 grams, well maybe I need to look at the percentage as well. Like 9.8%

I start to work on my next page for skeetchbook project. I am not sure what sort of art I like the best. or even what it called.
I don't mind abstract art if on the lighter side. But if heavily into violence of abstract. Not so much. I am not big fan of pain and if art leans this way. It not my cup of tea.

Went though anther set of shelves and ended up with a pile to go off to one the local thrift stores. Some books, lamp, and few dishes.
There is a part set of green dishes I will be giving to a friend. And there some family heirlooms that I will be given to my son wives.

Then I've been working on my dinning room table. Got all bills in pile and checks will be written tomorrow, and mailed out on Monday.

Also cleaning out a few blogs I read and lost contact. Just taking out three of them.

Deep clean dryer vent, did dishes, and load of laundry.

No more news tile a lease 18 hours.

Coffee is on


  1. Bill diBlasio can’t even run NYC...

    My daughter met Cory Booker last year. She says he’s got his act together.

  2. good on the cleaning up

  3. I have an entire dinner set, place settings for at least a dozen people, that I can't give away. Even the thrift shops don't want it. It is quite old, and has a gold edging, so it isn't microwave or dishwasher proof and nobody wants delicate dishes that have to be washed by hand. It's packed away in my garage and I don't know what to do with it.

  4. Can't decide which candidate I like.

  5. Glad to be Canadian and not have to sort out all those candidates. You were busy.

  6. Since by the time the primaries hit my state the race is over, I pay no attention at this stage.


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