Tuesday, July 23, 2019

My Tuesday

Still figure how to put and ad on my blog. But only tried for a short time. I need to get hold of what ever or who every.

Weigh in at my local T.O.P.S and I lost the most weight for the week. And our group does quarterly letters of our goals.
Well one of my goals was to be under 200 pounds and how hard is to loose around five pounds.

Went to Under the Sun had coffee with Qunella and Lalita, both widows. Haven't seen Lalita for a while she recently lost her husband, and she in financial bind.
Before her husband past at one time we were talking about our husband social security and that time Murphy  was drawing $777 a month, minus $110 for medicare. and she said he getting a lot more than Dan. And at one time her social security was about $250 a month.
Now hubby he get $679 but if we didn't have to pay $123 for medicare his check would be $802 a month
So now she only got her $250 a month and or husband social security, not sure the entire thing or three fourth.
Didn't ask.
I know she going to help a friend down in Las Vega for a week. But once she get back I want to give her info on QM PROGRAM and S.S.I

My friend LaWalla is very ill and possible dying and she quite her job. Her client she had got around 11 hours a week and something but 2 hours of her time was for chores.
Our income of both of current time is holding us ok. But what I am worried is when I retire. Trying to build up my social security. When the boys were young I didn't work and I have years with no work time.
So I am thinking of finding if I could take over LaWalla hours or lease some of them. Two main thing I don't want to mess up my present people I take care of. If I had people like this in pass I would of consider advance my self in the medical or mental health field.
Then I don't want to seem greedy either.

I use to come home form work in past and just grumble and gripe about my clients. I had some night mare ones and it was so stressful I had to medicaid my self.
Take my word there some people who has personal care giver come to there home, isn't safe to be around.
Anyhow neither one of my son want to so into any kind of medical field. After they heard me and start to down a few beers. And even some time stronger drink.

This is were my friend LaWalla end up ENVIROMENTAL HEALTH CENTER lot of insurance don't recognize specialized or out of the sink medical.

Going to nipple on part of choc bar.

Coffee is on


  1. As if it´s not sad enough to loose your husband. It´s a shame you have to worry so much financially, too.
    Just what is wrong in our world these days...

  2. More than a few of your prices for things are cheaper than here in Australia, but even so I think $250 a month is ridiculous. How does anyone live on such a small amount and still manage to pay bills like electricity and medicines and such?

  3. Good job for losing the most at TOPS

  4. What is TOPS? I've never heard of it.

  5. congrats on the weight loss.

    Getting on my soapbox now. we live in the richest country in the world, and our most vulnerable citizens struggle financially. what is wrong with that picture?

  6. Good job! Congratulations.

    And it does take awhile to find footing on your own blog, I think. You will. It may change a dozen times, and it's all yours.

  7. Well done for losing the most at TOPS :)

    All the best Jan

  8. Sorry to hear about LaWalla. But if you want those hours, I don't see why you shouldn't go after them.


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