Monday, June 10, 2019

Yes I Do Have Prejudices

If I look deeper or even pointed out but I have two prejudices, that I put into certain little boxes.
First one is when a person uses the term "power" which comes from Latin word "potere" "To Be Able"
So terms or think like...Caucasian Power, Negro Power, Russian Power, Money Power, Liberal Power, Christian Power, Fiqh Power, Gun Power,  and list can go on and on.
Then the other one I hear when some one has the title of Rev in front of there name. Confession time...I then start wonder who they scammed. 
Did you know the word reverend comes from Latin word "revereri" "To Be Worthy Of Respect". Question time...shouldn't we all have "reverend" in front of our names? 
Just can't support these type of thoughts saying one group of people is so much superior then the anther. 

But I keep working and trying to make my self a better person both physical and spiritual. Let just take the physical part this time around.
Later on, although not sure when. But sometime I will tackle spiritual being.
I try not to eat after 7 in the evenings, and watch my portions. But I need to get more water and bought 30 oz water bottle which I haven't used yet.
Hot weather is arriving here either Wednesday or Thursday up in 80s (26) and I like to go for a walk. But usual I do this later in the day. So it will be best to do make walk in morning before it heats up.
Statement time...I don't need to be watching both morning and evening news. 

Weigh in at my local T.O.P.S in morning. And planning to do a you tube video hopeful in next few weeks.

Coffee is on


  1. I don't think much about any prejudice I might have, I just try to treat all people equally. I don't like the extremely religious ones who believe that they will go to heaven but people of other religions won't because "theirs" is the "only true religion".

  2. We all have prejudices. It’s human nature. It’s whether we act on those prejudices or try to overcome them that matters.

  3. Our brains are designed to have prejudices, but being aware of them can help.

  4. I stopped watching the news on tv. I pick and choose news stories online to read. Everything is just too bad and sad and makes me angry.

  5. As my father says, we're all prejudiced, we're all racist. We have biases. The trick is to not react badly when those biases are pointed out. At least, that's my biggest fear.

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