Sunday, June 16, 2019

Twenty Five Kleinigkeiten al'asyila and firinnean

Don't mater what language it in. Some how some of us of fascinated by trivia, facts and question every thing in life. The desire to learn.
from A to Z and beyond.

1. Lease healthy food is sugary drink and most healthy food is Lemons.

2. Most two tolerant countries is Luxembourg and Canada. But two  least tolerant countries is  Afghanistan and Sudan.

3. The three most tolerant states is Wisconsin, Maryland and Illinois. Then there the lease tolerent states. Kansas, Arkansas, and Wyoming.

4. There more than 95 million photo loaded every day on Instagram.

5. Two deepest rivers in world are the Congo river at 720 ft/219 M and for second would be Yangzte river  at 656 ft/199 M

6. Two deepest river in United States is Pocomoke river 45ft/13M Now for second place would be....Editor note...Can't find the second deepest river in the United States.

7. Three shortest river in world, the Tanborasi river 65ft/20M/, Kovasselva river 72ft/22, and Reprua river 88ft/27M

8. Three shortest river in United States Roe river 201ft/61M, D river
440ft/130M and Chute river 1049ft/320m

9. Word Question comes from. The Latin word of quaerere of ask and seek.

10. Country drinks the most coffee would Finland

11. State that drinks the most coffee would be New York.

12. Two longest Mountain range world is Andes 4,350 miles/7,000km and then the Southern Great Escarpment 3,100/5,000km

13 Two longest Mountain range in United States Rocky mountains range 3,000 miles/ 4,800km. Appalachain mountains 1,500 miles/2400km

14 The three best pies are coconut cream pie, strawberry pie, and blueberry pie.

15. The three worst pie is Peanut butter pie, Pecan pie, and Pear pie.
Editor note...This was measured by nutrition value...Opinion time I would have to say Pear pie is one my favorite pie.

16. 79% of twitter user is out side of the United States

17. Word fact meaning is to be something of known truth.

18. First super hero is Mandrake the Magician

19. The most saddest country in world is Chad

20 The most saddest state in America is West Virginia

21. National Trivia day is Jan 4th

22. These three countries grow the most cannabis...United States, Morocco, and Afghanistan.

23. These states grow the most cannabis California, Nevada, and Oregon

24.  Oldest You tubers is 106 years old her channel is COUNTRY FOOD and youngest you tuber is RYAN TOY REVIEW

25. Over four million blog post on daily bases.

I question some of these facts and trivia. Or how they figured some these things out. But  I did find them interesting. Hopeful this up coming week I can do video on facts and trivia about the United States and Idaho.
Can you please share some trivia or facts about your area.

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  1. I am struck by how deep the deepest rivers are. That is major deep!!

    1. The Congo River formed 1.5-2 million years BP during the Pleistocene.

  2. These were interesting, thanks!

  3. Some very interesting facts. Thanks for sharing xx

  4. Danke, Peppy!

    Hmmm...five facts about SF would be:

    San Francisco voted to stop burying their dead within city limits in 1900. San Franciscans, my family included, were then buried in neighboring Colma, a city now filled with more dead than alive.

    Bank of America, initially known as Bank of Italy, was founded in SF by an Italian immigrant called Amadeo Giannini in 1904.

    Treasure Island is man-made & was originally intended to become a second airport for San Francisco. Instead, the island became the domain of the Navy during WWII.

    Bison have resided in Golden Gate park since the 1890s.

    A plaque commemorating the life of Jerry Garcia can be found in the Excelsior District near the house where Garcia spent the first five years of his life.

  5. #11 is logical being that New York is highly populated!

  6. Lots of interesting things here. I'm wondering who decided lemons are the most healthy food and why. Also wondering why West Virginia is so sad.

  7. The southern tip of Texas is at the same latitude as Miami, Florida.

  8. Brooklyn has 30 miles of shoreline.

    Brooklyn may be considered part of New York City but geographically it’s actually located on Long Island.

    Brooklyn is the most populous borough of New York City.

    Tootsie Rolls were invented in Brooklyn.

  9. Oh my gosh I hope I look that good at age 106! WiFi was discovered by an Australian, sometimes I wish they hadn't 😱

  10. Wow, that's a lot of photos on Instagram.

  11. Interesting facts...I love trivia.

  12. after reading these i am wondering just how many more words and photos can be posted on line without crashing the whole thing down. which might be a good thing.. we have We have three international airports, including:

    Sarasota Bradenton Intl (SRQ) 10 miles
    St Pete / Clearwater Intl (PIE) 40 miles
    Tampa International (TPA) 45 miles

  13. If only I could retain that information...


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