Sunday, June 09, 2019

If Your Wondering

First of each month I do a monthly report on how I am doing. Here is May REPORT and I was ask if I thought it was fairly accurate. The simple answer is some thing is and other not.
But I think we see our self different as other may see our self.
But what I find more interesting with PERSONALITY INSIGHT is the percentile they covers 28 things and I won't list them all but here short, excitement, agreeableness, and self expression.
There things I score high in percentile range and others not. Confession time...I like to see the percentile in the 40 to 60 percent. 

I've only done a few ratings in different site such as google review, trip adviser, and I believe is zomato.
I was never good at reports and opinion is usual very bias of who giving it. Including my self. Yesterday I did one on the Goodwill in Ponderay, and only gave it a three star.
This is what I wrote... The thumbs up or down first. Do you want the good news first or the bad. I know the ones in back sorting the items, don't even get decent wage. Federal Minimum wage is $ 7.25 hour, although the clerk in front is paid over $10 and hour in the goodwill in Ponderay Idaho. So for how they treat employees I give a ONE. I know if there is question about one behavior they try to get people to sign a no trespassing agreement. Not sure if this is legal or not. This behavior I give it ONE. Up score a little now some of items I can cheaper at dollar store or some place else. But still can find some decent bargains. so for bargain I give a TWO, they should look at there price structure. Now what I like about good will and give it FIVE in these are the store have great selection, clean and organize. Goodwill is non profit and there CEO has salary of over 2 million a year. Goodwill takes in over 4 billion a year. And all from donations.

If your wondering about my ones score here interest read on WAGES OF DISABLED WORKER at Goodwill. I saw a sign in Goodwill about hiring checker and I know it was over $10 and hour plus they did offer some benefits, and there is other who made comment on the issue of TRESPASSING in goodwill and other is sue
Now for wages of C.E.O of goodwill and what there the annual REVENUE. And also this ARTICLE

Made sort of decision about my creative clutter. I known people who only work on one craft project at a time, but these people are rare birds.
But I have way to many going at one time. So I believe I will limited mine to about five. I need to purchase container of some type to put them in. It figuring out the size of containers.

Murphy is putting the post on corner of our property, and I mop the kitchen and dinning area. Confession time...I took out the entry rug by the kitchen door, it was wet and had a fowl smell. I sure hope it wasn't there when people came to visit me.
There were no smell until I pull the rug up so I could mop.

I was recently ask by one of my coffee pals why I confess in my blog. I see the paragraph above. I feel I need human touch to my blog. How I may feel about things.
Question time...what would you do different in your blog? I would positively keep open and honest post.
But I'm not sure if I would actual use term Confession time or Statement time. But I want to convey my personal opinion or feelings.
I do use confession time quite a bit. I think my goal will be to combine the term confession and statement to one term. 

Coffee is on 


  1. Hari Om
    ..perhaps you could lable them as MPoV... 'my point of view'!

    As for 'goodwill/charity/thrift/opportunity shops'; all such have long ago simply become another business. In the UK and Australia, many of these stores still work with only a paid manager and the general staff being made up of a roster of volunteers, so forget the idea of minimum wage. Then, of course, the money CEOs everywhere are earning seems obscene when one earns nothing. Mostly it is. YAM xx

  2. I've not heard good things about the way the Goodwills are managed. Like anything these days, I suppose.

  3. I like your confession time. It feels real and honest.

  4. I like the confession time. I like seeing personal things on people's blogs.

  5. I like the insights you offer, whatever you choose to call them

  6. I feel there could not be honest input...except that however you do your blog, it's YOUR style, and that's why we keep coming back to visit with you.

  7. Confession is good for the soul.

  8. I go with Christine!

  9. They are terrible rates of pay, although I know most things are cheaper there than here. I wasn't being critical about your confessions, just joking really that you made a lot of them, almost as if you were a bad person.

  10. I agree with Andrew the pay rates are terrible. I don't know about here in Australia, how much they get paid or if they even do get paid. I know a lot of places have volunteer workers and they don't get paid. Another thing is here too many clothes are over priced in the thrift shops, but some have more selection and better quality.

  11. I like the personal touch you have, but maybe write the confessions without the "Confession Time" label, same with "Statement time".

  12. There is a huge Goodwill downtown Brooklyn right around the corner to the union office. Now you have me wondering.

  13. I enjoy reading your blog exactly the way it is Dora. The wage system seems incredibly out of sync but I think this may happen all over the world! Looking forward to your next confession time 😉

  14. I found this all very interesting Dora.
    You have shared a lot of info that I did not know about Goodwill, except the enormous salary of the CEO!

    I am now a subscriber on your youtube channel, too.
    Have a great day~

  15. I think we first think confession means we are guilty, but after thinking about it, what it means for you is exposing something that you did or did not do, acknowledge you did not know your rug smelled, or revealing. just pic another word. I do all of those in my blog.. I call mine the Mad Meandering thoughts of MadSnapper.

  16. Wow, it seems my query inspired a whole post! Thanks for the detailed reply! :)

  17. Very interesting to read your post and the comments too.

    All the best Jan

  18. I'm glad to know that having several projects is normal. :-) I've starting putting items for possible projects in open boxes of clear containers. To remind me.


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