Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thought I Would Visit

My blog of yesterday POP UP which was post fairly late. Not sure if it made any since. Well today I won't be going to work until noon. My hours been used up and if we go over we don't get paid. This is an issue that needs to be address in personal care as others.

Went with Liz she got a new couch, new to her. It still on back of pick up. Here anther issue they need to address in personal care in on home. The difference between institutional and taking care of person in there home.
Got a chance to explore a new area. I look at life as adventure some good and bad. Learning all the time.
So this coming Monday is our MEMORIAL DAY PARADE but I was wondering if other place CELEBRATE Memorial day. Looks like some place might consider Veterans and Memorial day the same thing.
Going to ask my clients if they would like to go. Our town is small so it short parade, distant and time wise.

Next week I will be doing anther video looking and asking for possible content for up coming vlogs and blogs.
This coming Saturday on my other social media accounts I will be asking. But here I'm asking first.
Remember I been here since 2005 and made over 3,000 post on all sort of things.
Question time...what would you like to have me post here or over at my vlog?
I would like some of my reader new and long time ones to give me content for up coming blog or vlogs
Then over on facebook I asked question on my personal account and two groups I belong to. And the answer were let say all the answer were amazing. So I'm going to post here...Question time...Wondering if any of us could sit down in group face to face actual have a discussion and still be civilized?

Going to finish getting dress just have my shoes and socks on. Going to help hubby mop the floor.

Coffee is on


  1. In home care is definitely different from institutional care. I think you go above and beyond the call of duty with your clients.

  2. My junior high school used to do a big thing for Memorial Day. We dressed up and there was a ceremony. I was surprised to learn that wasn't a thing at other schools.

  3. I was a homecare nurse before my own health forced me to stop doing the work.
    Being disabled in the United States is not something I'd wish on anyone. The attitude here is that the disabled are leeches who need to die and decrease the surplus population.

    1. That is a truly awful attitude. They need to remember, if it weren't for the elderly, i.e. your parents and grandparents, the current population (you, us, them) wouldn't exist.

  4. I´d like to learn more about life in America.
    And, yes, I do think we could sit in real life and talk without ripping our heads off ;-)

  5. I do not enjoy mopping floors just saying..right next to dusting!

  6. Here in the UK this coming weekend we have a three day Bank Holiday, many areas have special events on, which are usually well attended. I do hope the weather stays good.

    All the best Jan

    (A bank holiday is a national public holiday in the United Kingdom. These are set by the UK parliament in statute law)

  7. Hari om
    Having worked age care I can tell you the issues are rife the world over. There just isn't the money to cover it from any government.

    You do well with your posts, letting us have glimpses of your life - for me, that is what blogging is about! Perhaps you could a weekly post about your town/county, its history, demographics, industry and such. I have found after several years that it helps to have at least three posts a week which are always about one thing (the Tuesday pics only, for example), making the remaining four easier to fill and more dynamic.

    I think you would gather a very eclectic group and there would be at least one hothead, but most of us would enjoy the debate!!! YAM xx

  8. enjoy memorial day parade....

    # Let's drink a cup of coffee

  9. We don't have Veterans or Memorial Day here, but we were once in England at this time of the year and it was Veterans Day.

  10. We don't celebrate Memorial Day here but, rather, commemorate fallen soldiers on Remembrance Day (which falls on the closest Sunday to November 11th).

  11. You could video the Parade and vlog that. We'd love to see it.

  12. We celebrate Memorial Day here as well. We have parades and cookouts. I usually honor my ancestors on that day.

  13. we don't have anything here for Memorial day, they do have a place downtown that flies a lot of flags and they have a memorial day service. no parades here..


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