Thursday, May 30, 2019

Now Will This Work

As many as you know I've mention of being caught up in the facebook web. Confession seem I get trapped into facebook web.
Although I real don't care about likes and such. But I'm checking in to much to see if there any new post. Like I'm going to miss something. Confession time...Like I need to be middle of facebook action. And also they seem to be a lot of angry people out in facebook land.
Not sure if it will work or not. But I would like to visit my groups or creativity and leave my personal page a lone for the entire month of June.
Sure I worked late yesterday and finish up my blog post. Headed right of to facebook and kept checking my news feed to see if anything had changed.

I am so so about twitter. Simple I real don't get it.

My fav is blogging. It me I can make it what I want or need.

Next two is tied between Instagram and you tube. Instagram reminds me of saying A PICTURE IS WORTH 1000 WORDS and should be as powerful as any words.
Video and other social media I like variety of content.

Coffee is on


  1. I really don't like FB but am on it to see family stuff.. I don't do twitter or Instagram, and I use youtube to find how to videos or for a song now and them. I like blogging much better but find most are abandoning blogging for the other social media

  2. I barely check my FB anymore. I'll have to check out those videos when I'm not in a classroom...

  3. I use Twitter for my books/pen name. FB for my real life. Blogger for my free time.

  4. Facebook is like playing with fire especially since our current president was elected. Nowadays I try really really hard to show positive energy on facebook, it seems like most people are. I've come to find out that a lot of the people I grew up with are now old bitter tea party types who blame their problems on everybody but themselves.
    I like twitter and I alternate between trolling and showing positive energy.
    Youtube is like meh,
    I love blogging obviously.
    I love instagram, I love posting one or two pics a day. I look for interactivity though.

  5. I like blogging, it is like a journal.

  6. Facebook sure can suck up your time. Agreed.

  7. I am on Facebook to read what happens in my city, but I don't know anything more about it. Twitter I know from Trump who twits like a bird and the rest besides YouTube I don't know !

  8. I skim FB once or twice a day...random scroll and then I’m done. It’s just a way to keep up with friends. Luckily I’m not obsessed! In fact, it shocks so many people buy Jason and I aren’t even friends on FB! Instagram is the same for me. A random visit and a random scroll. YouTube..:now that is where I can get lost!!!!

  9. FB is addicting for sure. I find myself on there several times a day. I didn't even think of having it until a few of my blogger buddies stopped blogging and gave me their FB addresses. Since then it has helped me to find missing family and old school friends. It's good in a lot of ways.

  10. I hate Facebook Dora but use it for my blog. No Twitter or Instagram. Will one day give it all up and spend my time reading books 😉

  11. I resisted getting on FB for a long time but finally succumbed a couple of years ago. These days, I post lots of pictures on FB and more text-focused posts on my blog.

    All in all, I like blogs best (among the various social media) for getting info but FB works well (particularly Messenger) for keeping in touch with friends. As for Twitter: I check some people's tweets but I've not (yet) been inclined to open my own Twitter account.

  12. Blogger is my favorite now.

    Have a wonderful day...with a cup of coffee


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