Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Life As Algebraic Story

Algebra and I sure weren't friends. And I only did what one would call Pre Algebra or Algebra 1 and end up getting a pity D.
The other day one some news story I saw a class of teaching as one life story. Confession time...To me numbers and letters don't go to gather. 
But for some reason this way of teaching and learning algebra did perk and interest in me.
Question time...could you do your life story or autobiography as an algebra problem?

Been going though my two totes of fabric in basement. Sorting by color and size.

Just finished up black and grey. I made choice to put them only by size.

Now also need to go though the beige and browns. To see how the best way to organize these two colors.
Then it on to creams, white, pinks, and those fabrics I can't figure out the main back ground color.
I should be done with the basement fabric. Then it on to the fabric in this room.

Still reading about creativity and the brain. It been so interesting. Why and how we are creative. Look at these people who at later YEARS start blooming the one past comes to mine is GRANDMA MOSES and LYN SLATER the accidental icon.

Wednesday is one of those pop up things I do. Well I won't go into much but for wordless Wednesday is photo of sorting fabrics.
Although the photo above is part of prop I will be using in You Tube Video and hopeful I will have it post on Thursday.

Coffee is on


  1. I think it depends much also on the teacher. I had one in math who opened his very first lesson with "girls have no idea of math anyways". Stupid man. Later I had another with whom math was even (nearly) fun...

  2. I'm not exactly sure what it would mean to sum up my lige as an algebra problem. Guess it would helo if I had seen the article. Algebra was fun!

    1. lige = life
      helo = help

      I need to take typing class again.

  3. I am allergic to numbers and can hardly add 1 + 1 !!

  4. Maths was one of my favourite subjects Dora, but can't remember any of it 😀😀

  5. I received a pity D in Algebra 1 just so I could graduate. I almost got a d in business math... numbers make no sense to me at all and I can't figure why they would mix them with letters and I still don't want to know...

  6. Algebra was the first time that math made sense to me. I'm not sure how I'd turn it into a life story for me, though.

  7. It's good to get organized. I took algebra in high school and hated it.

  8. My life is linear algebra. All the collumns and rows add up.

  9. I liked algebra, sorry it wasn't your friend!

  10. sometimes, algebra is interesting to apply in daily life.

    Let's drink a cup of coffee

  11. I did ok in algebra. Geometry was rough, though.

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