Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Wednesday Meme Number Thirty Two

This look quite challenging for me. Topic is MUSIC SCORE FROM FILM it part of "Wednesday Medley"

1.  Let's talk about film scores/songs.  What is the first one that you thought about when you saw today's subject? Panic, I'm not much up on scores or song that relate to movies

2.  Do you remember the first movie you ever saw on the "big screen"? Sure that easy Would you tell us about it? Snow White and Seven Dwarfs 

3.  Who is your favorite female movie star?  Who is your favorite male movie star?  Go ahead and list more than one if you must. At present time none. But as I got older I admire good skill of an actor or actress. Who does there part with feeling 

4.  How about those old black & white movies!  Which one do you always stop and watch, even just a little? Time period in movies doesn't real have appeal for me. I would have to say I like to watch movies or shows that take on social issues. If it made in 1949, or today.  

5.  Is there a movie quote that makes you laugh or one that you repeat often in life that you can share with us?  Will we know what movie it comes from without you telling us? Can't think of any

6.  Please share something random about your week with us. Been crochet with left over pieces of anything from fabric, string, yarn, lace, and ribbon.  

Took me a little while to find this week host for WORDS FOR WEDNESDAY since it late in day. I am using the last set older, cardboard, wounded, front, empty, astonished. 

Mary was up in front part of the attic going though her Grandma stuff. She died and the home is to be sold and was to be divided up among her five children. 
Mary notice a sort of small cardboard box, in corner of her Uncle Larry room when he was younger. As she took off lid to box and there was and old diary, plus a some letters that they wrote to each other as we serve in WW2 in Europe theater  of her Grandpa, Grandma husband who died 7 years ago just little over 90 years old. Although Grandma quite didn't make her 90 birthday, a few months short. 
Mary Grandpa was wounded in Metz during the war, and it was said that entire round from Walther was empty in to there Grandpa. His wounded didn't slow him up and end up serve 20 years in the military.

Mary Brother Larry was on front porch and decide to walk around the walk way to back of place were they would come spend time with there grandparents. And all five of there Grandparents children put there foot and hand prints in the back pouch. The first one went in 1958 and last one in 1966.
There grandparents could be explain in one word "astonished"

  Last thing I will be ending with is WORDLESS WEDNESDAY


  1. I wonder how many families find unknown treasures (real or sentimental) when clearing out homes of the ancestors.
    Nice use of mimi's words

  2. Love the idea of uncovering old treasures.

  3. That’s an interesting crystal. What does it symbolize?

  4. Those would be hard questions for me, too. I have no idea what the first movie I saw was.

    1. The first movie I saw was one of the easy ones

  5. A couple of favorite movie quotes:

    "Well the thing's gotta have a tail pipe!" "Arsenic! Fester, as if we would run out!"

    Very nice story about treasure saved for the children.

  6. Have recently gone through my Dad's house and was amazed at stuff we found that we hadn't seen before. Not treasures exactly, though I did keep some stuff. Will have to photograph and blog about it sometime. We through out a bunch...a whole large dumpster full. After the purge we had some maintenance issues to prepare for sale, and then once the sale is complete, we'll go through it again. I'm not a movie goer. Much prefer to watch things on my tv at home.
    Sandy's Space

  7. I love your words for Wednesday and wordless Wednesday... They are lovely...

  8. Well done on answering the questions.
    Well done on your words for Wednesday.
    … and another well done!
    I like your picture for Wordless Wednesday too.

    All the best Jan

  9. I love the music to "The Last of the Mohicans." I am not sure about the first movie I saw but the first movie I remember seeing was "Bambi."


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