Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Off My Rocker

Been putting together a magikal bag which connect with my purse. Today in mail got my last charm, believe Thursday I will share my charms with you.
But these are the stones I carry in my magikal bag. The one to left is Tourmaline (Black) it my shield stone. Not going into a lot of details. It keeps negative energy or dispense of it, helps one understands and have better look unto situation, and one of my friends in ELECTRO SMOG so she moving back up here from Southern Idaho.
One time I end up at bigger hospital with client some time ago and at Radiology department, and being in that area it gave me a horrible head ache. I rarely get head aches.

Now rest of them going left to right. The other stones in from my astrology my moon sign is Leo, then my rising sign is Pieces and my sun sign is Aquarius. A fire sign, water sign, and air sign.
Well for my leo in me I got a Hiddenite it's uplifting, fills the heart with light that permeates though the entire body, and it works with upper heart chakra
For my pieces I went with amethyst. It increase the endocrine system and metabolism Then it improves memory, and for the chakra it works well with throat and crown. My last one is for my sun sign of Aquarius is a garnet and key word is "revitalized" the chakra. Well the other two things it does is to assist one with courage and hope.
There a few more stones I want to get, but it will be a while until I get anymore.
Now I wonder if other religion works with crystal. Opinion time...Both the science and spiritual does have it part in healing.  I wouldn't tell someone if they had some medical issue to put a rock on what ever and there going to be healed. 

Finely I did it. I drop a pound and this last quarter was hard. Last year I drop 13 pounds in 2018 and didn't want to gain it all back. We received our awards for our local chapter.
Today we open our quarterly goal letters. Our club we write a letter to our self and then when quarter is over we open them. So first part of July we will open them.

Start to make part of my zodiac sign of cancer for Sketchbook project. I'm taking odds and ends and crochet them together. This is to represent the shell of crab.
My sketchbook is to represent all the zodiac planet going though Pluto.
Not sure if I'm all that impress with colors. But the texture of it makes interesting. My sketchbook can't be more then and inch thick.

Coffee is on


  1. Do you carry your bag with you or do you just have it for special occasions?

  2. I am rather fond of the green and purple stones.

  3. The green stone is very pretty. I don't carry stones with me except for a tiny amber around my neck. I used to have a lot of stones, and truthfully I still do, just can't find them from when I moved last. I have a tiger eye and an amethyst in the lounge room, and a rough (unpolished) quartz in the bedroom.

  4. I’m a believer in positive energy. It makes all the difference in how you see an illness, how you approach treatment. If the stones help you focus, they help you heal.

  5. congratulations on your 2nd place win, that is great..

  6. I carry a bag of crystals for pain in my bag. I also never part with my amber. It is a good stone for the lungs and I started carrying it when they found a nodule in my lung. I held that stone so tightly when they did the lung biopsy which came back benign. Never parted with that stone.

  7. Amethyst is my birthstone.

  8. Amethyst is my birthstone.

  9. Good for you on dropping that pound :)

    All the best Jan


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