Friday, April 12, 2019

Beautiful and Creative Meme Number Twenty Five

Still want to remove the word "Meme" from my title and want to replace it with something else. At this point nothing has come up.

Between rain and no rain, that's pretty much to sum up the weather in my neck of the woods. Haven't yet made the mid 60's, lower 60's yes.
As you can see no leaves on trees yet
But my crocus are up and snow drops.
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It been a while since I done any Artist Trading Cards. Two reason I did this up quickly was to show a friend what they were. And send one to anther friend who recently lost her husband. I send her the last one, smiling daisy.
Plus I thought it would be good to have break from my tarot cards.
Confession time...I been looking though different site at "ATC" supplies. honestly I got enough in the fire and don't need to have any more.
Well a good thing about ATC cards it good way of using up a lot of odds and ends of lot of things.
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  1. Love your ATC, I've never really made any before...but I did do some collage this last week which was super fun (and also not something I usually do). I love how much texture and variety you have on your cards. Happy PPF!

  2. You are very creative with your cards !

  3. But craft projects attract more craft projects...

  4. Your crocus and blue sky are lovely, Dora, and your cards are creative!

  5. It's surprising how those snowdrops and crocus's always show their heads no matter how harsh the weather has been, they are always there to greet us.
    I have to agree ATC's are a fabulous way of using up those bits and bobs and make a great little extra for our creative friends. Happy PPF Tracey

  6. It looks beautiful where you are. We're still chilly and rainy so Spring has been a little slow to start. ATCs are so fun. Unlimited materials to use and the only limit is one's own imagination. Have a great weekend!

  7. yellow flower is beautiful...
    have a great weekend

  8. Looks like your spring is very slightly behind ours in upstate New York. Our crocuses are phasing out. Time for daffodils! Alana

  9. You've got a lot of detail on your little ATC's

  10. Love that photo of the crocus flower!

  11. lovely nature and happy art. :)

  12. I adore your ATC's. You are so creative. I've been collecting and creating them for years--you are a wonderful artist.


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