Sunday, March 17, 2019

Now For Entertaining Purpose

I have a fascination about on line quiz's.  Coming up on being a senior and haven't figured my self out.
Just recently MAD SNAPPER did a few quiz's so I'm taking them. Not sure how many or which ones.
 My main trait in "four temperaments test is..."
Choleric is number one at 5. and for simple terms...I'm a hot head
As for second strongest trait would be Phelgmatic. And for simple terms....I'm cold as ice

For last one and I only got one is the Sanguine...In simple term...Head in clouds.
And for melancholic I score nothing.

I don't see my self at all like a hot head. I just don't let people take advantage of me.

Made up my goals for week. Nothing exciting. Been getting out a little more and taking a walk.
Been calling it soaking up vitamin D
Bart came up with Claudia oldest Grand daughter for a visit. Sawyer called and wonder when in April I was coming down, need to check and see if any of my client have doctor appointment.
I go to the dentist on the 3rd of April and 11 I see the optometrist.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    Sandra's post caught lots of attention! I have prepared a post for next Monday based on it... a rather more serious view. I like your attitude of 'it is fun' and not getting too set about the meaning. Though sometimes, if we think deeply enough, we can see why we got the results we did... YAM xx

  2. I don't do online quizzes, I found they took up far too much real time when I could be doing something else like reading a book.

  3. You are really on track with your doc´s appoinments. If I remember right I have till August to see my eye specialist and the dentist... probably when something hurts ;-)

  4. We've had lovely weather down here. -not a lot of walking yet, but sitting on the deck & soaking up the rays from my hammock. :)

  5. Online quizzes fascinate lots of people. They've become clickbait. All in good fun, right?

  6. Oh gee, that is some real negativity you've had to cope with. Glad you recognized it though and hopefully are able to see around it.

  7. I had fun with this, but it was not done for fun, I am serious about researching why I am different than other women. these tests helped me a lot. and yes they are click bait, but the ones I found I used because I want to know why. you and I have a lot of the same qualities. I also have been on a 2 year weight loss plan, down 64 pounds and 8 more to go... thanks for all your comments

  8. Always nice to take a walk and soak up some vitamin D.

    All the best Jan


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