Saturday, March 16, 2019

Just Why And Not Asking For A Miracle

Just about ready to finish up my stone shopping for a bit. Liz want to add a few stone to her collection, and if wasn't for her. At this time I would be ordering any of these stones. Well the three we're getting is MookaiteBLUE LACE AGATE, and BLUE APATITE. But I would like to get some type of garnet.
This morning I went though my home and open the windows and did a bit of white sage burning. I'm out of smudge so I had some loose white sage.
And I place in four corner of my home a piece of black tourmaline, and selenite crystal. In simple term selenite is a guardian angle and the tourmaline is a shield.
At this point I haven't found a stone shop that carries all the stones.

Murphy sister and husband sold there bed and breakfast. And got a home in Post Falls area. So there storing some of there items here.

I try to buy most my items from Thrift like store or pop and mom business. I spot this purse at SELKIRK NORTHERN TREASURES  and it was at $22 and got her down to $17 actual I has hoping could get her down between $10 and $15
I honestly don't know if it antique or not. But I like and to me it looks "fun"

Coffee is on


  1. I like the purse, it's exactly the sort of thing my grand daughter would have carried everywhere when she was little. I used to buy crystals and stones all in one shop, charms too and smudge, but when I looked for the shop recently I couldn't find it.

  2. That's a really cute purse.

  3. I have a friend who knows the meaning of every semi precious stone, it's amazing !

  4. It's such a pretty purse Dora.. a good buy ✨

  5. That does look like a fun purse.

  6. Such a lovely colour purse …

    All the best Jan


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