Sunday, March 31, 2019

It's Quite Not The Same

Last day of the month. In next few days I will be posting a "March Report" and it looks like I still have trouble marking off what I accomplished.

I got my BULLET JOURNAL set up, and mine is a lot more simple. Take my word there some fancy BULLET JOURNAL
See my bullet journal only has 7 full pages.

Yesterday I went to the clothes give away with my clients. I picked up some tops for my self, and only one didn't fit. Got Murphy a few things and only one items didn't fit.
Quite bit of things for younger ones, under let say five. So Grand daughters made out like bandit.

Lauded up some of the clothing I got. It seem like the used places use real high perfume soaps, which makes me asthmatic. So I usual wash them in my plain boring laundry and add some plain white vinegar and in hope the smell I can tolerate. Airing them outside make big difference. If there not scent or scent I can handle, I just donate them back. Usual I can get the smell out of them.

A little later in day Liz and I went over thrift store. I believe I spend around twenty dollars there.

Picked up these odds and ends of jewelry pieces but if I don't figure what I will be doing with them, by the end of month. I will donate them back to the thrift store.

The main reason I got this yarn because it 100% wool. This is part of my ideal of when cancer in planet Pluto.  I'm going to crochet a cover to represent a crab shell.
I been looking though some of works of others who took part in Brooklyn Art Library. Those who did something about CANCER so far it on disease.
Haven't ran into a sketch book from cancer from zodiac side of things.

Not sure how well this will work. But it to assist one to cut certain shapes. The one I got is to cut and draw oval shape.
If it works well and I see other at a thrift store, I might get them. But I just don't see my self getting them retail.

Got a little more out of one the closet. Not much a few things I ended up just tossing into the trash. Went though some of my yarns, and cut the length I need to do my crab shell like for the sketchbook project.
I'm giving my yarn to one thrtft store on Monday.
I'm waiting for one more item a charm and then my magikal bag will be complete. Just found out it got though customs, which was Los Angeles and I figure it will be delivered to me sometime this up coming week

Coffee is on


  1. I love browsing the thrift store for good finds.

    1. Me too, somwtimes you can find real treasyres there☺

  2. As I advance in age I notice that I've become very sensitive to smells, all kind of smells: perfume or cooking ones.

    Regarding the 100% wool yarn - that's quite a treasure. All we have is acrylic fiber, and that's not the same as pure wool. Wool items in my neck of the woods are not only very expensive but practically unavailable.

  3. I've been staying away from thrift shops lately, I don't like the amount I spent there last year, this year I'd rather save some money instead.

  4. Hari OM
    I love a good rumble through the 'op shops' as we call them in OZ (short for opporunity). I too get asthma from strong perfumes and have to use low-stink soaps. YAM xx

  5. I donate a lot of clothing. And yes...some of the detergents these days are so perfumey, I don't buy them!

  6. i have the same problem with scents in clothing. at our TOPS silent auction, we bring clothes and all clothing is one dollar, no bidding. i got a pair of capris i could not get the scent out of. did not think about vinegar but will next time. i have to use scent free everything, from washing clothes and linens to what i scrub the bathroom with... i have heavy scent allergies. if someone with perfume hugs me it makes me sick

  7. Thrift stores! Love the thrill of the hunt! Great post :)

  8. You found some interesting things

  9. I don't like scented laundry powder either. Why do companies think we want our clothes smelling of anything?

  10. Could you turn all those jewelry pieces into a statement necklace? Statement necklaces are big at the moment. I wouldn't want to pay retail for crafting things that I'm not sure I'll enjoy, either.


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