Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Hunt Though Out

Question time...Did you have a charm bracelet with charms when you were young? I never have and part of my sketchbook project I want to add a couple of charms. Confession time...I'm changing the lay out different, although keeping to the same theme.
But for the charms I want for the sketchbook I sure do want to hardly spend any amount on charms. Did find the ones that would be fitting for the sketchbook project.
Got package of 72 zodiac charms. The one I want for PLUTO is SCORPIO and finding the style I like was a little difficult.
Then also I ordered to garden tool charms. My sketchbook is called "Just Below the Surface" and I thought of adding two charms. The shovel was fairly easy to find and price was reasonable. But the rake seam to be more then I want to pay. Well I did find one in my price range, although not style I want. Statement time....I guess that how the ball balance sometime.
I have some oars that I will use. I was thinking of CHARON. Statement time...My sketchbook won't have much darkness to it at all.
The only charm I'm looking for is some veggie ones. But I did find two over at Esty.

Anther thing I just couldn't find was a BOOK on charms, amulets, and talisman

Weigh in today at local T.O.P.S up a half pound. This quarter haven't been good. I been walking more now since days are nice. Hopeful soon the scale will start going back down.

Coffee is on


  1. I remember wanting a charm bracelet but I don't recall having one.

  2. I remember wanting one and didn't get one until my boyfriend gave it to me in college. I still remember it after all these years. :)

  3. I never had a charm bracelet when I was young, but now I have two. One has charms from cities in Europe when my mum visited her mum back in the 80s, so it has a miniature Windmill from Holland, one of those ski lift cable car thingys, a shield from Frankfurt and so on. It is actually a necklace that she had the charms put on because a bracelet might get lost more easily while travelling. The other is one I bought from a Wicca shop in the 90s and has charms and talismans to suit.

  4. I'm not sure I ever had a charm bracelet, but my mother (stepmother initially) left behind a lovely one. Can't find it now, of course, but I know it's around here someplace. It has a n old-fashioned locket with a photo of her young self in it, a small jade elephant, two hearts for each granddaughter (engraved with names and birthdates), probably a cat or two. Gotta find it!

  5. Charms, Amulets, and Talismans by Marion Green. 5 star rating and you can find it on Amazon. I never did have a charm bracelet, but I make them now. I made myself one of the sun and moon. Where did you get your zodiac charms?

  6. I did have a charm bracelet but not too many charms.

  7. I have been doing the up 1 down 1 see saw on my TOPS weigh in...but that is good because I am holding and not gaining. I have never had charms or a bracelet.

  8. I did have a couple charm bracelets, but I never wore them. I vaguely recall a second one, which may or may not be real. The first one was a Girl Scout one. Whenever we'd sell a certain level of cookies (or calendars), you'd get a charm as a prize. And as my mother always sold my cookies at her work (a practice that is standard now, but not when I was a kid), I always did really well in my cookie sales.

  9. I did have a charm bracelet my godmother gave me. I didn't like it very much and sold the charms. I can't remember what I did with the money! Sarah x


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