Friday, March 01, 2019

Creative and Beautiful Meme Number Twenty

Once again for PAINT PARTY FRIDAY and slowly showing my tarot cards I have done. This one is the devil. Most who isn't familiar with tarot when the devil, death or tower card comes up. Tends be the lease uneasy.
Usual I post about negative and positive on each card.
But for devil, not. Devil doesn't show there self as you one can see it hiding. You can put your self in negative traps, usual things lives in our head, one might say we all our our own worst enemy. And we let garbage in our life. And also sometime not letting us be a full person.
It our doing with devil we have control or power over what every in our lives.
Once again please remember no one can predict the future. Any reading of tarot one needs to consider the all the cards which our laid out.
   As in my last paint party friday I mention I received my sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library. Well I replaced the papers with more of quality paper. And did a little test on different mediums. Sure don't look like the sharpie markers will work.

No we're not in Kansas and no tornado is coming. Just cold and snow. Winter weather sure came in late this year. Spring is in three weeks. Do you recall about either Marches come in like lion or lamb.
Then it could go out like lion or lamb.
Well it came in cold way under freezing.
For more sky photo and hopeful other are having better weather. CLICK HERE

Coffee is on


  1. I enjoy seeing your tarot cards and the love readings you have for them. This one is especially good.

  2. Global warming, and those darn Russians...again.

  3. Fabulous and that sky is amazing.

  4. Beautiful tarot card, love the sky shot.

  5. fun creation and wild sky ~ snowing again today in MA ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. The tarot card looks eerie.

  7. I can miss the winter skies but I can't wait for spring to come. Alana

  8. The Tower card gives me the shudders. Nothing like shaking things up. Death and The Devil don't bother me nearly as much.

  9. Tarot-scary and fascinating. I got my Sketchbook, too and you are right, I used some ink and markers and they went through the back of the pages!


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