Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wednesday Meme Twenty Eight

Editor note....I thought I would be continue my story from last time I took part in Words for Wednesday.
Do to my life, work and etc a continue story was a stupid ideal on my part.

But I will be glad to take part in the three memes I do on Wednesday I will start with WORDS FOR WEDNESDAY.
This time I will be using the first set of words...bathroom, parasol, furniture, duck, phone, and puzzle.

The three ole friends went over to a place called "Parasol" a local general store that pretty much handle everything imaginable. And even some items that one couldn't think of. No one knew why the story was called Parasol. The family who own it for generation last name wasn't Parasol.

It was Tuesday mid morning and the three ole friend was going to have there mid morning coffee and this morning they had gelato out earlier then usual. The three friends got there coffee as usual, but this time they decided to have a small bowl of gelato. Yes, when they were younger there parents wouldn't let them have any type of sweet prior to lunch. But all of these friends were well over 50.

But as there were about ready to set in little luncheon area they notice that different furniture were place in the bistro.
As the three friends were chatting among them self. laughing and having grand time.
Even loosing track of time. It hit them when there heard a clock chimes rang three times, and this place had duck sounds for clocks chimes.
Over a couple blocks the three friend was going to adventure over to community center. To joining in activity of putting a puzzle together. This was a fairly few activity over at the center it was closed for a while for some addition and remodeling.
They had to enlarge the bathrooms and up date the kitchen.
The friends knew the other two ladies who was sitting up the chairs and table in one of smaller room that looked out in to rose garden. This was the room that the puzzle to be worked on.
There were plugs ins at the center for people to charge there phone. But now they were asking for a token of your choice to charge the phone at the center.

So the three friends and two other sat quietly, small talk about life and they all worked on puzzle. And it was getting close to dinner time, and they didn't get puzzle together and ask the coordinator if they could come back day after tomorrow and finish off puzzle. It was ok. The table with the puzzle was slide in corner so the cleaning people could easily work.

A while back I took part in WEDNESDAY MELODY and this week question is about pets.
1.  Have you ever had a special pet in your life? Will you tell us about it? We always had pets of some type in simple term they were members of family, and quickly became spoiled. Take my word our sons weren't spoiled. Question time...why do people spoil there pets, but not there children

2.  Did you grow up with pets in your home?  What did it teach you? I would say it's a generational thing. My mom had a pet goat. 
A pet can teach one a lot things about life and human nature. I find it amazing what pet can do in area of healing.

3.  Do you ever wonder what animals are thinking? Yes, Confession time but I don't know if I want to know it could be scary.

4.  Sometimes a pet gets out and doesn't return for a few days. What do you think happens to them when they go on a walkabout? See there buddies and socialize a bit.

5.  With cats and dogs being the most popular pets, what is the most exotic pet you have personal experience with (didn't have to be yours)? I've seen some unusual chicken. But I think it would be cool to have otter.

6.  Please tell us something random about your week so far... Sigh up for the sketchbook project out of Brooklyn New York. 



  1. I enjoyed your story Dora. I've never had an exotic pet, many cats and three dogs. Now I feel that all the exotic birds that come to feed in my garden are pets, I guess they could be called exotic 😀

  2. I liked your story, nice that the centre updated and enlarged the kitchen and bathrooms. Too often those areas are far too small for the number of people attending the centre.
    No exotic pets in my life, just cats and dogs and goldfish, not all at the same time.

  3. Chickens as pets? I wouldn’t have thought so.

  4. Enjoyed your Parasol story and a nice get together of friends.

  5. I suppose people spoil pets because they'll never "grow up" as it were. Children do.

  6. Great answers Dora! I was thinking along the same line as Liz A. up there...I think my dogs are like babies, needing to be taken care of and such. Our kids grow up and will participate in society, so we teach them how to do that. Thank-you for your visit and I loved your answers!

  7. parasol is an odd name for a store but then again, it doesn't sound so odd. nice use of the words for wed prompts.

    have a lovely day.

  8. Yes, I do also wonder what animals might be thinking.

  9. I enjoyed the answers, Dora. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I too wonder why we spoil our pets.... and I have one very spoiled Boston.


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