Saturday, February 23, 2019

To Many Question and To Few Answers

My divination tools for my pagan path is usual astrology and tarots. But our small local group is covering crystals and stones.
My knowledge and understanding of them would fit in a thimble and have plenty room.
I understood the basic that crystal form from the earth pressure. But there more to then that. It basic moving atom, ions, and molecules, forming a pattern or some would say lattice.
Confession time...I can be some what a word freak. frozen non movement.
Then we also need to find info about three crystal and one will be our birthstone.
Birthstone is part of 12 tribes of Israel or breast plate for Aaron.
Most update list for present birthstone was made in 1912.
Since I will be briefly covering formation of crystals. I only going to do two, my birthstone Amethyst and the other is howlite.
Which is a newer crystal. When it comes to Amethyst a lot of conflicting information.
I can tell you amethyst is from the word "Not intoxicating" or "sobriety" and it ascension rock.
Then for howlite is known as white turquoise. Howlite a lot less conflicting info. Considering it was first discovered   in 1868 Eastern Canada.
Howlite is attunement stone, and the affirmation "I attune to pure, infinite energy."
Well I thought crystals were pretties, my pretties.
Some I got answered and others I didn't. But I can tell you one thing Confession time...I would need individual holders or containers a lot stones I get confuse 

Coffee is on  


  1. I am also curious about crystals. I didn’t know about Te connection between Aaron’s breastplate and our current assignment of birthstones. I love my birthstone, it’s amethyst, the same as yours.

  2. I love crystals. Took some courses on them and have a certificate now. For awhile I was addicted to them. Kept buying and buying. Had to give up because I have no place to put them. Maybe might integrate some of my classes into my blog.

  3. I like looking at stones, cut and uncut. I also really enjoy looking at interesting rock formations! :)

  4. My birthstone is Peridot, a light clear green, I think. I like stones with more, deeper colour. I can't find any of the crystals I used to have. I packed them safely when I was moving house and just can't find them. Maybe they will turn up when I need them.

  5. It sounds very complicated to me. A lot to learn. I like looking at stones, but never remember what anything is or what's it's purpose is suppose to be.
    Sandy's Space

  6. The extent of my crystal knowledge is that rose quartz is for healing. That's about it.


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