Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Those Southern Kin

It been a while since I've done any genealogy or family history. I knew by my DNA I had connection to the southeastern part of United States, just how I wasn't sure.
But I have 14 ancestors according to my DNA, and it looks like a little less then half has some type of southern connection.
At peak of slavery in United States only 1.4 percent own slaves, usual it was wealthy plantation owns had slaves.
Then also didn't serve in the confederate army.
The Northern or union army wasn't much better. Even our President Theodore Roosevelt his own dad hired a replacement for his duties in military during the civil war.
Don't want this to lead on political and the arm service is form of slavery.

Like in above have those southern roots. I was digging in to surname of "Brunson" and "Ford" well I learn my third Great Grand Father born Tennessee and served in Civil was as Union soldier.
I guess there bit of curiosity living in a slave own state and when he went out and about in community. How did things go for him and his family.

Ronald Regan and Jimmy Carter was the first president election I voted in. And I listen to our present President state of union address.
I was surprised the first 10 minutes of his speech he didn't hackle my feathers.
But quickly after that he got my feathers hackled.

Weigh in at our local T.O.P.S I was down a little over 3 pounds. Weigh in at 201.50. But the end of March my goal is to weigh 197.25.

Sewed the quilt block as I watch and listen to state of union speech. It sure doesn't look a wreath. And I'm going use the block as part hot pot holder. Had every plan to be part of block exchange.
As I was putting it together I had to wonder on the instruction of putting it together. Mostly the top part.
So next one I see they need to be some simple changes.

Coffee is on


  1. So interesting for you to find out new thins about your ancestors. I keep hoping an unknown branch of my family is rich and will leave me all their money, but that's a pie-in-the-sky dream. my family is all working people, Swedish on my mother's side, then she was born in Germany, don't know about my dad's side, just he was born in Germany and his parents too.

  2. Regan did not turn out to much of a president in many ways, but then neither did Carter.

  3. It is really very interesting to explore our past and the stories that go with it.

  4. Genealogy is so fascinating! Could you be related to the entertainer "Tennessee" Ernie Ford? Our current premiere of Ontario is also named Ford and comes from a rich family. Who knows? Maybe they're all connected. Cheers!

  5. I'm not sure if I had family in the US during the Civil War. I may have. But I know some immigrated here after that time, so I may not have.

  6. Genealogy is so interesting. While I am Canadian many of my distant relatives are from the US, especially the New York area.


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