Thursday, February 14, 2019

Just Plain Not Doing It

Usual on Wednesday and Friday I take part in a few memes. But snow removal and work makes this girl a dull person, and sore.

Not holding my breath but there been a break in snow fall. I understand we're having anther round of it.
So in bit I will head to work for a while.
Well I got Liz hour back except 15 minutes. So after her social worker I will go up for a while.

Before Liz I'm going to our local library and get a copy of quilt block which I did. I need to make it slightly bigger. I done a few of these block and there suppose to be 12 by 12 inches, well there not. When done there about 8 by 8 inches. Some thing just not right.
So I want something closer to 12 by 12 for my block exchange.
Then one of my friend husband has I believe is brain cancer and basically they had a unlivable place her in North Idaho, and headed down to Oregon to be with some friend of theirs until he passes.
So I been send her cards and little notes. There one of those who don't have computer and some what paranoid that the government is watching them.
It seem like these people flock to North Idaho and I know there all of the world.
My life is so uneventful and I'm not that interesting, so who been interested in keeping an eye on little boring me.
Confession time...I even have trouble at times to figure what to blog about.
Well she use to do some paintings of door way entrance and I also told her about the BROOKLYN ART LIBRARY and gave her there physical address.
And I want to send a few example in her card of what others done in there sketch book project.

I believe my lunch is about done and I need to take one of those diary pills so I can have pizza.

Coffee is on


  1. Bureaucratic red tape. Glad they finally got Liz sorted out.

    I think your snow is with us now in the form of rain. I hope you have a big break from the snow.

  2. Sometimes art and life (and the weather) just catches up with us! Happy Valentines Day, Dora!

  3. Hari OM
    It seems to me that you are having the February Blues. I'm familiar with them. My posts are sparse, but they don't hide. Sometimes it pays to attend to the mundane! YAM xx

  4. Sometime uneventful is a good thing!

  5. I think you are right, lots of nut jobs end up in northern Idaho. I have relative in southern Idaho and a few of them are nut jobs as well.

  6. Happy Valentine's day Dora. Hope you had a piece of pizza for ME too.

  7. I'm glad you got Liz back.

    Writer's block can be frustrating. But sooner or later the ideas flow again.

    That Brooklyn library sounds like a great idea

  8. I'm glad you got Liz back.
    There are pills that allow you to eat dairy? I usually just limit my dairy intake, for instance if I want pizza, then I'll be sure to not have any cream or icecream on the same day, at least within the same 24 hours.

  9. Have you checked your seam allowance
    That might be your problem if the block looks right but isn’t big enough
    Don’t throw out the smaller blocks. Use them to make a lap rug but putting a few boarders on them once they are joined. Maybe your friends husband would like to use it
    Hopefully the snow goes soon and you get some warmer weather

  10. So sorry about your friend's husband.

  11. I think it's time for another V-log.!!

  12. My sister takes those pills whenever she has dairy too! She really is lactose intolerant. We're having mixed precipitation today. Yuck. I like either rain or snow not mixed with ice!

  13. It happens to all of us - not knowing what to write about - it's part of the process I guess.

  14. Sorry about your friend's husband Dora, so sad. Life can be very cruel. You have such a lot of patience re the quilting, I couldn't do it. I can't imagine any Government being interested in my computer stuff either 😊

  15. Hope you are getting a break from the snow and glad things are sorted out with Liz.


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