Friday, February 22, 2019

Beautiful and Creative Meme Number Nineteen

My weekly creation and actual I did this card some time ago, two of pentacles. And actual right now I'm working on my Knight of pentacles and a little trouble doing mule.
But let get back to present card.
This card is all about balance, keeping things on level playing field, or maybe having a little two much on your plate.
I would use key word "equilibrium" to best explain this card.
But things could be coming loop side if one didn't pay attention
But remember know one can predict the future, and for a true reading one need to consider the other cards around.
Some of my cards there animals and some people have them as spirit guides.
So I took few minutes and see what duck and rabbit means
Duck as a spirit guide...People with the duck totem have a strong sense of community. Thus, like those with the rat totem, they are a very social people. They do not hold grudges even though they are unafraid to disagree with someone. Folks with this spirit animal are also very good at helping others through their emotional entanglements. Therefore they often follow careers as Psychologists or Therapists. People with the duck totem prefer being in places where they feel comfortable. Consequently, they also tend not to challenge their comfort zones. Moving out of their comfort zone is often left up to the universe. However, the cosmos, on occasion, will pass on a bit of a “cosmic boot” to move them forward. Very similar to the crow and the raven folks with this power animal are very good at staying in the moment and enjoying life in the present.
Rabbit is a spirit guide...People with the rabbit totem are often unpredictable and spontaneous. They also have fast reflexes and good coordination. People with this spirit animal are highly observational and alert, gentle and nurturing as well as intelligent and quick-witted. Furthermore, bunny people are quick to succeed and are highly skilled at success. They are also generous in advising those around them. Folks with this power animals essence can instinctively sense what paths lead to danger, and which roads lead to success.
Today in mail I receive my sketchbook for the  SKETCH BOOK PROJECT and I still need to register my sketch book. I find it quite interesting what others DONE For other creative people stop by PAINT PARTY FRIDAY

I know winter is coming, no it has arrive and it can slowly drift away. For other sky and scene. Stop by HERE to see other photos.

Coffee is on 


  1. ...drawing is one of my talents.

  2. Your drawing is much better than anything I could scribble. I never thought about ducks or rabbits as spirit guides.

  3. Hi Dora i love your drawing heaps better than mine,my sister read a book on animal spirit guides and she really enjoyed it,hope you have a wonderful day my friend xx

  4. Goodbye Winter---I am ready for Spring

  5. The Sketchbook project is interesting. It is great to encourage people to participate in art.

  6. I am neither a duck or a rabbit. I love how you are portraying balance.

  7. Phew, it sure looks snowy where you are! When are you expecting spring to arrive over in your parts?

  8. I love this card. Balance. You caught the idea completely in the card.

  9. I enlarged your card and found there so fun, nice folk! Thanks for a smile.
    Have a happy upcoming week xx

  10. glad the sketch book arrived

  11. Good luck with the Sketch Book Project. I did it a few years back and really enjoyed it.

  12. No drawing talent for me - and, as far as I'm concerned, the sooner winter drifts away, the better. Alana

  13. Pretty shot of all the snow on the ground. Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Love your drawing and yes equilibrium is a good name. I am so over winter and so happy I no longer live in snow country.

  15. Enjoy your sketch book project Dora. Your drawing is fun. I love coffee too! Happy PPF :D)

  16. I wonder. Are all the two cards about balance?

  17. A lovely card.

    Thanks for the snowy photograph … it made me feel quite cold!
    Roll on Spring.

    All the best Jan


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