Thursday, January 24, 2019

Who Little Secrets

I got wrap looking though different web pages about Queen Victoria mainly her children and grandchildren.
Most of her children married a cousin of Europe. Found out one of her daughter LOUISE married JOHN CAMPBELL who was the FOURTH GOVERNOR OF CANADA

Queen Victoria was quite the WRITER in her journals and letters. I would guess she had write DAILY
And until proven differently I assume there some type of recording from the royals although history.

Even our President kept DAILY JOURNAL OR DIARY of some type. And I wonder if there Vice President and other Cabinet members kept a journal of some type. I did find this BLOG about our 33rd Vice President and a little about his recordings.
I wonder how there opinion, ideals and feeling, may or may not be the same.

Start to wonder between the National Archives and Smithsonian who carried most diaries, letters, and journals
Not such which one would hold more but these doesn't look interesting from the SMITHSONIAN and it Illustrated letters.
My guess the national archives would have more letters simple it specialty is A PAPER TRAIL
But it also got me now wondering if both places some where records what we put out on social Media and which included blogs.

I've help take care of few Mormons in past and all of I knew KEPT A JOURNAL of some type which I know it part of there FAITH.
I knew a Mormon and she has past and filled up page how she hated her son in law.

Before computers and such a journal entry would be something like above...Dear Self, Today was a busy day of practical shopping, nothing fun.
Bought both Liz and Regis a little something.
Liz I got her larger knitting needles and Regis his plastic canvas.
For my self and at Good Will I found a set of king size sheets and 2 pieces of fabric.
Plus hubby needed some white t shirt and picked them up, six pkg
Send about $35.00


  1. I tried keeping a diary when I was about ten, but ended up using the pages to write stories instead. I didn't think my own life was interesting enough to write about.

  2. Hari OM
    I used to always keep a hand-written journal - until the dawn of the personal computer and word-processing! YAM xx

  3. I kept a diary throughout my teens and 20’s.

  4. I still write by hand and in journals. Since I was a kid. Haven't stopped yet. Great form of fun.

  5. I think most of us start a journal at some point, it's keeping it up that's the problem.. I never could 😊 Happy weekend Dora.

  6. I still keep a hand journal. I have been lax in the past few years, but I have been trying to write a little something every day in this years journal. I also keep lists of things to do, shopping, etc.

  7. I have two journals that I maintain. One for gratitude and the other is 10-year-journal.

  8. Apparently keeping journals was a thing once upon a time. Now we post for everyone to see.

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  10. My blog had sometimes already helped me proof how things really were back then!No more arguing, here it's written down :-)

  11. I have a diary where I jot (write) things down …

    All the best Jan

  12. Now you have me thinking about leaders keeping journals - wouldn't it be insightful to take a peek inside?!

  13. Journals of all sorts (paper, electronic, etc) are all really interesting. I do some modest amount of study of the history of science and there are a few scientists that I have gone to visit libraries that hold their archives... so fascinating to look through and read.

    I too love to look around at Goodwill... so many great finds to be had.



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