Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Wednesday Meme Number Twenty Five

Thought in a brief time I would start with wordless wednesday. Just a photo and no words. Under it I will leave a link.
At this time I'm having trouble locating the words for words for Wednesday. But in mean time I'm going to try WORD GENERATOR and hopeful they come with six words I can use in a story But first my photo, and link after.

These are the words I will be using in my story...nit, boat, arew, quoit, cantal, and maltman

Since Ginger got some fruit from the market the nit little things have became a best. So she got on google to see how to get rid of them. It all seem to say the same thing. Do not let those little nit in  or the fruit.
Why does this happen every season. 

Well Ginger hired hand was to be weeding the arew of spinach, which the weeds have taken over it pretty much. She looked on the lean off shed and notice the boat was missing and she guest he was lake.
She was fairly certain he was fishing. Although he been a good person. Plus she couldn't find a better deal.

Larry who also known as local maltman he had small business which he rode his bike and sold old fashion malts from his bike. He had a small fridge on front. Guess he could handle maybe two dozen malts which came in small, medium and large.
He stop and Ginger and saw she was frustrated and was kind enough to give her one of his malts. They sat and she told him her difficulties.
Larry just listen.

Soon Ginger say her hire man coming up the path toward the place and no boat was up over the rig. She was quite puzzle now. 
Couldn't wait to find out what went down, to say.
He told he been to the south end of village at the old cheese place been in same family for more the six generation and they had sale on cantel as he buying other cheese, found out there going to dig up in old cemetery which haven't buried anyone since the druids feathered the land.
The University down the way was interested in quoit and the hired man told the lady of place, Ginger that they got a good size grant and some will need a place to stay, and she had an extra bedroom with two beds
That she could possible make a few dollars that would help her.

But still the boat issue. A week ago Ginger asked hried hand Frank to put in shed until she could afford to have fixed.
See this boat had some issue and wasn't lake worthy. She felt foolish that she forgot about the boat went in shed.

So that evening Frank weed the spinach and about fourth of garden.

Editor Note....This is fictional story. 
Confession time...It easier for me when someone else choose the words.

Coffee is on


  1. It was a good story.

  2. Yikes, those are hard words.

  3. That food in the pot looks comforting.

  4. The link to this month's words is on Elephant's Child website. The words are provided by Lissa, from

  5. I want to know what's in the pot??? :)

  6. The generator sure is challenging!

  7. I wish you a very Happy New Year!!

  8. Happy New Year, thanks for the story! Elephant's Child keeps track of where the words are.

  9. It's an interesting story

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