Friday, June 08, 2018

Let Just Scream At Bureaucray And Other

Today and Yesterday there we're some dealing with the department of bureaucracy. Take my word they have there way of doing things even if it makes no sense.
Who every said bureaucracy is simple. Well you won't hear it from me.
Thursday Regis had his interview with medicaid nurse, for his in home hours. Look like his hours will increase.
Actual I been though this so many time. And I was ask a question "How do you think people having a personal care giver in there home" my answer was simple...people do better in there own environment and every one want some control and choices. Even if it a simple thing on how one might want there eggs done.
Question time...What question would you like to ask...I guess I could think of hundred and one. That means I can give my opinion.
So he getting his hours increase. By how many I don't know.
Well then I'm dealing with more stressful bureaucracies. Both my client are double insured medicare and medicaid.
The state picks up the premiums and the 20% what medicare doesn't pay.
Well Regis is looking into a NEUROSTIMULATOR and ones needs a psychological evaluation. No trouble. But he has to pay for the evaluation out of his pocket and I believe it cost $80 and for these people $80 is a lot of money.
So if they determine the pain is real and one can look at his MRI to see his back is a mess.
Then the medicare and the state will pick it up.
This is first time I every heard of someone paying for the first part of anything.
So we're looking around for possible some program that could assist.
I know since the Trump adminstrain came to power a lot of program that help the needy is vanishing. It just don't set well with me.
Then after his doctor appointment on Thursday which I took him and no trouble. He was sore and so I drop him off and I finish doing his errands. I walk in and he was on the phone yelling at both the pharmacy and his doctor.
Well he is on opioid pain pill. I was afraid he might cut off his nose spite his face. And he was bull face lying to both side.
He even threat to call the DEA that the doctor didn't contact the pharmcey. Oh yes he even threat to call the BBB once because his hours got 15 minutes.
Then don't worry even with private insurance there plenty of stressful dealing with them. I'm going to use the PEND OREILLE SURGERY for some testing on my digestion which will be Monday the 18th.
So they call my home and my hubby answer the phone. Explain to them I was at work. Which seem simple enough although I don't think they understand or fathom someone having a job.
Not sure if he gave them my cell number or not.
Monday morning I will give them a call. They kept calling my home and knowing I was at work.
There leaning toward IBS or IBD
But I will let you know after I know something.

Now new and different promblem start with my car. The thermostat is sticking, and it under the raditor and who would every think of putting it there.
Well my oldest son and his wife in Spokane there having a baby shower at her parents place. So my son coming up in the morning and fix my car. I can attend the shower.
I'm grateful but I was going to except the fact I wasn't going to attend the shower.

Well I know some of you are on my facebook page and I'm a practing pagan.

and we have get together around the local eating and drinking establishments. One way he let other know is to use the local bullition boards.
This isn't the first time some one took the flyers down and here what I post on my own facebook page and our local rant and rave.
Rant...I'm part of a local #pagan group in #Bonnersferry. We put flyers on the community bulletin board. Although I can't prove who or which group it might be, keeps taking down our flyers shortly there put up...I have a good ideal who or which group is doing it...If you believe removing our flyers is going to stop or put a damper on us pagan practicing our faith. Well maybe you should think twice on your behavior.

Well my personal facebook page had a complete respond and I will share every 7th comment from our local rant and rave.
 1.Just pointing out Doc the obvious either there isn’t much Christian behavior and forgiveness or we are claiming to be Christian and ignorant of other beliefs not of their own... Seems to be a lot of god is the only religion here sure glad we have our constitutional rights for others to put up their VBS banners and other Christian flyers but yank down anything we are ignorant about....There plenty of VBS (Vacation Bible School) flyer and poster up and I wouldn't take one down. I believe in free will. 

2 Trying find info on our local sects.

3. I am sorry to hear that. Maybe use some of the FB groups to put your communications out?...We do communicated about our different events not trying to be overly pushy. Just letting other know we out there. Simple we're not  out to recruit members.

4.  How large is the pagan group in the area?...In the united states what I've read there half to one precent of population would fall under the pagan umbrella or tent. So popualtion of the county is just over 10.000 and so there would be under 100 pagans in this local area.
Which would also include those who remain in broom closet or practice as a solitary pagan.

And crouse there was bible scripture  of  ZEPHANIAH 1: 1 THOUGH 6 well one of the person like them and they should be reading LEVITICUS 18:22 and the story of SODOM GOMORRAH.
Let not beat around the bush one who in agreement of this bible verse is a lesbian. Statement time...I don't understand why a loving god would destory his creation

5.Y’all don’t REALLY eat babies do you?..."warm none and so the answer would be "no"

I better count my steps...Coffee is on


  1. Anonymous10:45 PM

    You didn't answer my Email Ms Dora. I need you to delete my old blog" tired of the bs" and promote my new blog which is "traditions, family and pride". The link is I have you listed on my new blog and would appreciate your support. I sent you an email but since you didn't respond I had to use your comment section. Sorry for all the aggravation.

  2. I'm scheduled for my colonoscopy too, Dora. Sending many prayers and healing vibes your way. - Seriously, you really don't eat babies?? Hahahahaha. People are such weirdos.

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  4. Dora, we have reached the age where half the people in out “contacts” have the same first name: Doctor. Good luck with your medical testing.

  5. I am sorry some very ignorant people are removing your pagan group signs. From what I can see, the pagans deeply respect Mother Earth and I say we need more folks like that.

  6. It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you simply shared this helpful information with us.


  7. You'd think that those working at a doctor's office would get the concept of someone having a job... I guess you just have to tell them your phone number "changed" and maybe then they'll stop calling your landline when you're out during the day.

  8. You are a trooper.

  9. I can't comment on this, because our health insurance system is completely different. The only thing I know is that bureaucracy is awful in the whole world !


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