Saturday, May 19, 2018

Trying To Keep The Grumbling Down to a Minimum

Once again I need to mention our America Medical System. The fact is a medical bill could possible make one homeless.
It pretty sad that someone have to beg for money to help pay for medical bills. I actual know the Foxes, nice people.
But her husband Don pass away. Now she set up a go fund me account so she won't loose her home and end up on the streets. CLICK HERE and read complete story.
If you can't donate please share the story.

I wasn't even going to mention the school shooting in Texas. One thing I notice not much came across any of my social media things I'm involve with.
Hardly any one offering prayers or thoughts.
Then the Second Amendment isn't yelling about there gun rights.
I was going to make a statement. But decided not to.

Both of did some work in the garden. Murphy in the veggie he dug up around were we will be putting in pole beans.
I got one of our flower beds grass cut back. So my flowers can get some sunlight. This fall both of my flower beds will have to be dug up and replanted.
Hopeful tomorrow I will get the grass cup back in my other flower bed.

Now I'm thinking of what to do next or in which order. The bullet journal, locker hook rug, or the rag rug.
The only thing I can see completing at this time would be the bullet journal.

Some time I open anther tab to look up words. For different reasons. Short time I was looking for the word mention and it keep coming up Mansion. So I thought I was pronouncing it correctly. Well it did better when I just didn't release my mouth and kept my teeth together.

Coffee is on.


  1. Hari OM
    I hope the lack of reaction to the shooting is more about shock and being at a loss for words...rather than that there is a lack of interest or disgust that it happened. Again... And these days I don't the internet to muddle my words for me. The aging brain does enough scrambling! YAM xx

  2. I read about that shooting in my newspaper this morning and it made me so sad.

    1. The shooting of others also make me angry.

  3. It is indeed a pity that your health system seems to be working for the rich only.
    Well, what do you wanna do about the weapons anyways. Setting the age from 18 to 21 won´t work when you can simply take Dad´s weapons. Not that I see a solution, either. When people see little perspective this happens, I guess.

  4. Oh I sure can relate to how a serious illness can bring you to your knees financially. I was sick with a Staph infection last year and needed IV Antibiotics for 3 months. All was well until the insurance company said I really didn't need them and even after my appeals, they would not pay. I negotiated an agreement with the medical pharmacy company and will be paying off that debt until the day I die! It still makes me angry! I think the insurance company would have been happier if I'd died! Sad to say, but unfortunately true. Never liked Obama Care. I have always felt that the insurance companies should be regulated so crap like this doesn't happen!

    1. My experince with insurance hasn't always been a good one. Insurance company may or may not have any medical training and there medical choices for who ever.
      There been a few times we had to seek legal advice over insurance policy...Sorry this happan to you.

  5. It's difficult not to become overwhelmed with all of the horrible things going on in the world.

  6. Unfortunately, when someone commits an act like the Texas shooting with a shotgun and revolver, those demanding the ban of assault rifles are left with little to say. Our problem is a heart problem. We don't seem to have a heart for love nor a love for life and that is tragic. Sorry, got overwhelmed there for a moment. Have a blessed day.

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