Friday, May 11, 2018

Stop In

I stop in at both place I stop in yesterday to see about my fit bit zip, and no fit bit zip was turn in and went though Regis place fairly good. Tore down his couch and nothing. The only thing I could check under the couch.

I actual wonder if Liz might had something to do with it. I don't like accussing someone of steeling. If there not solid proof. But she doesn't have the best track record.
Well Regis got some DVDs from the library in Sandpoint. Well one set of movies is missing and she like the TV series "Ones Upon A Time" and he swears she took it to her place to watch. And now she claiming he never took them.
Well see Regis is schizophrenia and there is a chance he just imagine she took them.
So tomorrow I'm going to stop in at local pawn shop to see if anything of my stuff was taken down there.
Now if my items are down there. I'm not sure what I will do. I need to work and jobs are hard to find around this area.
I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

See Regis has a presribtion for Morphine and he gives Liz part of his prescription. And this is no great secret though out our communtiy.
Well his orthpedic surgeon handling his morphine and now it being transfer to his regular doctor and she will handle it.
Well his doctor wrote it to the 22nd and at time his other doctor will take it over.
But he claims he running low. Not sure if that true.
But Liz is being relentless about it, and just badger him. She even tried to get me involved, by saying
"Tell Regis give me a pill" I said it his choice and I have no ideal what he has and that prescription  needs to last to the 22nd.

He talk to me about it as she was having her hair done. And I ask if he talk to his thearphist about it.
He said he has, and his theraphist tells him just tell her "no" and if she still keeps up on it. Tell her to leave the place, and if she won't leave call the police and have her remove.
Well she has warm her self in past and he afraid she might do it again.
So I suggest that he talk to her therapist. See we have HIPPA laws to protect our people.Opinion time...there plenty problem that Hippa brought in  LaWalla and I went and talk to her therapist once about Liz and her behavior.

Just starting to put white on the rag rug I've been working on since last Christmas. This will be my last color.
I'm actual hope I misplace my stuff. I don't like to accuse any one of anything unless I have proof.
Confession time...I haven't done much with my health since I misplace my fitbit. So tomorrow I will start a lease drinking my water, mood, and record what I eat.

Coffee is on


  1. Maybe you could outright ask Liz did she find your fitbit when it fell out your pocket. If you get it back or get another one, wear it around your wrist so you can't lose it. I think you might have to speak to both their therapists and tell them what's going on with the morphine pills, Regis shouldn't be sharing his medication.

  2. I think you might be best off buying one of the ones you wear on your wrist if you don't find it - they are much harder for anyone to steal and fairly impossible to lose. :)

    I have had two Charge HRs since I began wearing the fitbit - the first band wore out and they were not replaceable on the earlier models, with the new one I could just buy a new band and switch it out.

  3. River's advice is wise. Sharing medication is wrong and benefits no one in the long term. He needs to say no. Liz sounds like she is person to be avoided really.

    I believe phone apps are quite good instead of fitbits, but as I have never investigated them. I am not so fit.

  4. Oh, my, that is really bad. I hope you find your fitbit. And that you all find a solution with the meds, too.

  5. I have one, but never use it. On my phone, I have a health app that counts steps/heart rate/oxygen levels & stress. Since I carry my phone with need for other devices.

  6. Hari OM
    Dora, do you not have a senior officer to report this stuff to? if you you are being left out on your own to deal with this kind of behaviour, it's really poor! Definitely the med thing needs noted officially, never mind for their sakes, but for you own as a the care assistant. I'd be noting down on a diary or calendar about the missing items too - just some kind of record. It's just too conincidental... and clearly much on your mind, so action required to clear it! YAM xx

  7. Oh no! First your camera and now your Fitbit.. it's looking a bit suspicious! I hope you find them but I have my doubts that you will.

  8. Yamini is correct. You must report this to your Boss. The doctors should be notified by your office and this woman, is she related to Regis? If not then the authorities should help to get her out of his life. Perhaps a restraining order. Senior Abuse is against the law.

  9. Ah, a thief in your midst. That's probably what happened to your camera as well. Someone else suggested asking if you "lost" it around her. That might be the way to go. Then you just have to be vigilant around her, not taking anything that she might want to pilfer. Good luck.

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