Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Realy I'm Drawing a Blank

Got the last load of clothes in the dryer. I like to hang my clothes to dry but Murphy is in quite a bit of pain. And he didn't want to haul up wet clothes from our basement. Which I complete understand. He has an doctor appointment the 22nd. I think he should have a MRI.
Then I have to see gastologist the same day but later on.

Well I mention that I want to retire when I become sixty three and three fourths. I know longer I wait more I will get.
I've looked it up before what I would be getting. It depends on inflation and what I will earn in next five years. Well what I'm guessing my retirement should be around $750 to $850. I'm so tired of getting up and going to work.
I know people who done my kind of work and there clients are just plan nasty. Mine have there faults but there general kind people

It just been talked about lightly and we might sale the house after I retire. Also I have all those ceramic molds and I know I won't make the same as I do working, but that OK.
Then on the other hand I'm not sure if either one of us can handle molds.
Well what is what and it will all work out some way.

Weigh in this morning and have one pound to go to make my second quarter goal. I've been doing my steps with my zip bit. A little short on the steps this week. Although I've kept up on my water intake.

Coffee is on


  1. If you call Social Security they will give you an estimate of your benefits, how much you can expect if you retire at 62, 65 or 70.

    I have a 401(k) and pension from 3 different jobs. Got an estimate from each plan and an estimate from Social Security. I’m not planning to retire until I’m 70, and I’ll be ok.

  2. I retired early. I was working in a supermarket operating the checkout and had a lot of hip and back pain fro just standing there scanning and bagging heavy groceries, also I didn't like the supervisor one bit, so I quit after 12 years. If I was still working in the shoe factory instead, I would still be there even now. I loved that job, but they closed and moved to India or China.

  3. Hari OM
    I've been 'retired' (as in haven't worked for salary) since 2011; have had to live on savings and that means, of course, dwindling funds. This year my Aussie superannunation kicked in with AU$900/month, which is livable. Just. YAM xx

  4. Technically, I am retired. But really I'm not. My husband became 100% disabled from the military last summer, and now my work for him is full time. I am the Queen of bargain hunting and I do not buy anything unless 1. We desperately need it, and 2. It's on sale!

  5. Sounds like you have a plan. It seems to be harder to get up and go to work when things aren't going well. I hope things go better.

  6. I still have a long way to go to retirement but I am getting there. My husband will have a pention and I will have my savings, which I hope will be considerable.

  7. It's a big decision. I retired a little earlier than I wanted to (over ten years ago) because Mom was living with us then and she began to wander a little bit while I was at work, and that got to be a worry.


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