Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Not Quite A Week

Got back yesterday morning the 7th. Had plan to ride Amtrak and I pussied around and didn't take care of getting tickets and there were no room for Hubby and I. I doubt they would of let us in the baggage car.
So we took the plane home.

Had a wonderful time in Medford. Murphy and I adventure out Friday by our self. My son let me drive his MR 2.
We headed over to see the red woods and Northern part of California coast.

When I was down there I learn how to use the map thing on the smart phone. Now I feel more comfortable adventure out in strange new area.
When I was younger I would just go place and never worried about being lost.

Daughter in Law Betty is doing fine with her pregnancy. Due mid July. The three of us went shopping for the up coming little one. Murphy stay home.
I believe this was STORE we stop in. 
And fine out sibling rivalry is still alive. I went and got Claudia a few little out fits. Well Sawyer said how about my child. So I went and got three items for there up coming little one. Two bath towels and a piece of clothing.

Weigh in at T.O.P.S lost a pound and three fourths. Quite please and I have  3 pounds to go and I will make my second quarter goal, of anther five pounds off.
I got a fit bit zip and been using it. And already earn a badge from it. The boat shoe one. Every time you do 5,000 steps you earn this badge.
My stepping goal is 7,500, at this time.
Still learning my way around the zip bit

Lunch about dome and heading to work.

Coffee is on


  1. Pleased to hear you had a good time away. Once you become familiar with electronic maps, they are great. It helps a lot if you play with them a bit.

  2. Hari OM
    I LOVE google maps - getting them offline on my tablet has made driving around the nether regions of the Bonny Land a dawdle! glad you had a fun time with your son and got some tour time in too... YAM xx

  3. At least it was quicker to fly. I love using the GPS on the phone for places I haven't been. It's nice if you have a decent sense of direction, too.

  4. I was the same, used paper maps and didn´t worry much about getting lost - not any more!
    Nice to hear you had such a great time and stick to your steps, too.

  5. Sounds great! We feel happy when we come to know about new things. It must be a wonderful ride!

  6. Sibling rivalry? Does this mean you now have to buy something for an unborn child every time you get something for Claudia? Then after the baby is born, you could go broke trying to keep up with the gifting for two children. You might have to make it birthday and Christmas gifts only.

  7. So glad you had time with family. Keep moving!

  8. Sounds like a good time for you and your family.


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