Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bogus: Where To Go

The local hermit in land a Bogus had no trouble being a lone. The hermit found usual this was the best time to connect with a high power. Usual she draw a tub of hot water and place some salt in the water. Light a candle and went into mediate state. 

Things way back wasn't all that good in land of Bogus. Crops hasn't done well as the season past. Rain man was over across the valley. Crops to the east was doing quite well. Actual things were looking a little lean for a while..
Many people in Bogus was thinking of moving. Who to stay or who to leave. Leaving family and friend can be a scary choice. And there something about staying in our comfort surroundings. Not knowing what on down the road. 
But the crops in field was scares during the last few harvest. People were on edge, people were becoming divided. 

Some did decided to leave the land of bogus, in hope for a better life. They left what they knew and had a lot of question for the future
But they knew life in Bogus land was hard. And leaving meant other who choose to stay may have a more of balance life.
Still they wonder if they would be welcome in there new home land. 
But soon they enter the new home land. Sure things were different but they knew they were home and soon they join the local community for a cup of tea and singing songs of joy.

Editor Note...These a fictional story...Base on three tarot cards...


  1. Hari OM
    wonderful weaving the the tarot meanings and the societal needs of now! YAM xx

  2. Did you draw those pics? Cool!

  3. Sometimes it is best to move on. Especially when things in town aren't going well.

    1. Holding on heavy emotional trapping can hinder one self

  4. Will you be going on with it from this point? Also... "Bogus"?

    1. Not sure...But later on when I get my next three tarot cards drawn I will write a story.

    2. Bogus is the name of a fictional town.

  5. I like the story. Deciding whether to stay or go is always hard.


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