Thursday, April 05, 2018

Star date

Lot of time I have trouble coming up with things to blog about. As star trek diary, journal and they use the term log.
I never yet know or understood there STAR DATE but with google we can do amazing thing. Star date I would of been born Jan 1st 2323.
Captain logs star date...9588.1 Trying to figure out what to blog about. Receive paper work back I forgot to sign.

Called the clinic who took my stool sample. No result yet and the ole saying no news is usual good news.
But in the mean time I keep telling my self I need to change my eating and get more exercise. I know this and continue to have my bad habits. Yes and I do have good habits as well
Although I have better health habits then the people I usual take care of. But____________and I could use that as excuse.

I met two of my friends at UNDER THE SUN for coffee and decide to order a wrap from SOUL SHINE. I had the Bonn, as I try to read the menu...My wrap had kale, lettuce, and the rest I can't make out. Super good.

Haven' yet taken any photos I thought taking first part of each month, mid month, and end of the month. See how our world progress or regress. The world is constantly moving or rotating.
I did get a flat white sheet from one of our local thrift store, for Liz rag rug. I would like to fine anther one which isn't solid white, just a touch of color to sort of break it up a bit.

I did anther poll right side of my blog. It will be up until the 15th.

Coffee is on


  1. I keep meaning to go to a different thrift store further away from my home, I know they have more things like curtains, bedspreads and tablecloths and I'm looking for something colourful to hang in my doorways for winter. I'm tired of the beige/cream colour sheets.

  2. Hari Om
    Ooh ooh Star Trek - bit of a nerd on ST!!! The Star Dating system is relative to position of the ship in the cosmos and does not affect the Gregorian Calendar on the home planet... so your birthday will always be what you were actually born - 19whatever, and not 23anything. Whilst it has never fully been established, then general concensus among geeky fans is that SD0 relates to the centre of the galaxy... argh stop it YAM, you'll scare them...
    Ahem... I checked that menu - I love that it is basically vego with the option to add meat if you must!!! YAM xx

  3. I actually have an app on my Alexa that calculates Star Dates. Then I ask Alexa to fir phasers and launch photon torpedoes ....

  4. Ohhh, that´s a cool idea - sadly I can only go back to 2010 in our date. Tried FF, Opera, IE.
    So many Trekkies around :-)

  5. I never understood star dates either.


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