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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Not lacking

Just finish up feeding info into my fitday account. One of the reason I like it keep track of all of your nutrition. This is my third day of recording. According to RDA the three I'm short on is vitamin D, well as I understand vitaim D is SUNSHINE Vitamin.
Two other thing I'm short in is Calcuim, and vitamin B 12.
But in last few days I been strong in iron, vitamin C and Niacin.

Strange thing I can't fine my camera. I know I took it with me when I went to Sandpoint last Wednesday. Swore I took it in and now I'm not sure were I put it. Plain and simple I have to much stuff
Then today I stop in at this sale. We had an excellent varity store called "Huckleberries" and the owner lost lease to building. Well she didn't sell of her inventory. Now face forward she got anthor building and believe she renting it for two weeks, and trying to move the rest of her inventory. Everything is 75% off.
Best way to explain Huckleberries is compare it to the old FIVE AND DIMES

Both my clients get about $785 a month sure they get snaps (food stamps) and they get help with there utilities usual it happen in November and there credit a certain amount on there power bill. Well it depends how well the place they live in is insulated. What I notice that the utilities grant last 3 to 6 months.
At our main food bank one can go in and pick up salvage....There different shelf and refridrator and there sign how many items one can take.
And this is only can be use once a week. three times a year one can get a food box and it should feed one family for two weeks.
There a few other food bank in our community but there religious based one

Well today I drove the client out to HOPE HOUSE so they can get some clothes, and few personal items.
Well these people needs clothing and non food items.
The lady who runs the hope house was telling me about MEAL OF HOPE and would like to bring it to our community.
But four times a year our community have a food truck come and give away food.
All this is very helpful for those in need.

Sure these people stuggle and if it weren't for these community organization these people would stuggle a lot mor.


  1. Me too! My Vitamin D levels are low. Need more sunshine.

    1. Went for a short walk around the veggie garden

  2. Hari OM
    Foodbanks and meal kitchens are growing in number here also... it is wonderful that communities pull together to provide this care for those who cannot manage for themselves. YAM xx

    1. I get joy when I see a community coming together for the good of all.
      I would like to know how your community take care of those in need

    2. ...good idea for a post... watch my space! Yxx

  3. We’ve been called “the richest country in the world” and yet we still allow our people to go hungry.

    1. We do and our safety net sure could use some improvement.
      Coffee is on

  4. This is the first time I visit here Peppy Lady. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment there. I like what I see here and shall follow your posts in future. If you can add mailchimp or feedburner, it will enable me to get email alerts everytime you post and that will help keeping track of your posts.
    Thank you.

    1. There a lot I would like to do with this blog.

  5. Hopefully we all get vitamin D due to a great summer, right?
    There has been some... fights around foodbanks here, it´s sad.

    1. I went out and got a little sunshine this morning...Fights at the foodbank, wow!...I would like to know how your community help those in need.

  6. I live in Australia where we get plenty of sunshine all year round, but some people still have vitamin D deficiency because they stay inside all the time, afraid to get skin cancer. Sometimes in the paper there are notices that you don't need to sunbake to get enough Vitamin D, just a few minutes once or twice a day with skin exposure maybe short sleeves and shorts is enough to boost the Vitamin D. I get plenty of sun every time I stand at the bus stop waiting for the bus.

  7. It's good that there are such organizations out there. It's sad that they're necessary. Too bad that those in power are slowly dismantling the safety net.

  8. Here in the UK we too have Food-banks and also various Churches often open their doors and provide refreshments and help to those in need.

    All the best Jan


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