Monday, April 23, 2018

Let Me Tell You

We American here about how long the wait to get any medical service from country who have one payer systems.
Well I have medical insurance and I have to wait and see what my insurance company will approve. There sending me to see a gastologist. Well 3 years ago I had a colonoscopy from one gastroentologist which I like. But I request to see that doctor once again. And I ask if they could see the same doctor.
So she pulled up on the computer and see where I possible going. She read off the doctor name and never heard of him.
I ask why they were sending me to that doctor, and she guess it was my insurance and or would be easist one to get in.
She did sending in request for the doctor I wish to see. But it doesn't mean my insurance company will pay for it.
It could be possible simple it might be easier to get in to the doctor there suggestion.
Don't think you have to wait to see a medical doctor here in America.

Since I pretty much sat all day over the weekend. Driving to airport and waiting I didn't get much movement.
Today when I park I parked away from the building and even took a brief walk up our road.
I did my goals or things I want to do this up coming week.
Off to Sandpoint tomorrow I'm taking Regis to his appointment at pain clinic. We will also stop in at Library down there and get some DVD and both my client been watching ONCE UPON A TIME and I see a bits and piece. To me it seem like a pretty good show and there telling me it best to watch it from the beginning.
The other TV show I would like to see is SEX IN THE CITY

Hubby went out on his Aunt place and dog up a larch tree and plant it in our yard. But up a wind sock and see it need to be reinforce a bit.

Weigh in and hopeful I'm on my way for my quarter goal of losing 5 pounds. Last weigh in I was at my last quarter goal weight.

Coffee is on


  1. Four years ago I had a problem with my back. I went to a doctor I really liked. My back got better. This past winter my back was hurting again. Called the doctor. He’s not on my current insurance plan. So I had to find another doctor. Ugh.

  2. You have limited health care in America we got ours from a prime minster who they sacked he was spending to much money but he did give us a rather good health care system for this we will always be grateful.

  3. Both shows are pretty good. I prefer Once Upon a Time. The show finale will be on soon.

  4. Hari OM
    I second Merle's comment; the Aussie Medicare is pretty good - one may have to wait if on wishes to see a particular doctor, but that's the patient's choice. Here in UK, one must register with one particular GP. The long waiting times you may have heard of are for hospitals, but also for 'specialists' which is what you are talking about here. For those who take out private health cover, the wait will be considerably less. I believe strongly in National Health Services; may not be perfect but would hate to be without it. YAM xx

  5. I would suggest seeing the first doctor that can fit you in the schedule. The one you saw before may not be available for a number of reasons, not only insurance and a gastroenterologist is different from someone who does colonoscopies I think, and the gastro person is the one you need to see.

  6. Good luck with your medical endeavours Dora. I've just started something new it's called 'intermittent dieting' Google it Dora, very interesting and an easy way to lose weight quickly.

  7. What, you cannot choose the doctor you want?! That´s terrible!
    Yesterday I called my doc and told the lady I have to see her that day and I did.
    Reckon not everything is bad in Germany...

  8. Yes as Grace (PerthDailyPhoto) also said - good luck with your medical endeavours Dora.

    All the best Jan

  9. Seems the medical system around the world is getting worse.

  10. Naughty-naughty.
    Complete N utter trash.
    I dont even have a TV...
    and still the slimy vulgarness comes in.
    God bless your indelible souls.
    Make Your Choice -SAW


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