Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It Was Call Off

I thought I was going to take Regis appointment but it was cancel, and reschedule for Thursday afternoon.

Weigh in this morning. I weigh on the home scale on Sunday and at T.O.P.S on Tuesday. Well I was a quarter pound heavier. Still working on my next five pounds. I only got three pounds to go.
Well hopeful I can make this a habit. When I go some place. I walk around the building when it possible.
It hasn't been quite a week since I restart Fitday. I see there a few things I need to up date on the site.

Took a few books to thrift store. There this wooden box I put stuff to go to local thrift store. And I want to keep the box.
Well Regis and I went over to thrift store and I check the fabric section or linnen in hope I can fine some fabric to finish up Liz crochet rag rug.Well I've been working on the white section and it little much. And I got some off white pillow cases with a little bit of print into them.

Pretty simple day

Coffee is on


  1. Any times you can get a few steps in is good

  2. I took my small pile of things to the thrift store and came home with a pretty coloured glass dish.

  3. Hari OM
    ...and simple days are good to have! YAM xx

  4. You will have to show us Liz's rag rug when you have finished Dora. Simple days now and then are much appreciated ☺

  5. Walking around buildings is a good idea. You could also park farther away from the building so you have to walk to it.


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