Thursday, April 26, 2018

Green Is Majorty Color

When I look out my window I can see all shades of green. Here north Idaho we have over six months of green. Then the rest of the year it broken down to fall colors and white.
It been a while since I post anything on color magic. Let talk about about color green. When I was young I saw this color as a "stern" color and now I know it ok to have personal bounds. I see this color as "fun" and color that bring "joy"
Question time...How does the color of green make you feel?
Green is a very good color, and could even bite you if your not careful. Know that old saying "Be Careful What You Wish For"
I'm just taking a few of what green represent...prosperity, and most people I know when it comes to prosperity usual think of money. Yes money is fact of life and it does make a life easier. But we don't need to be on the tread mill of oniomania. First look around and see what you have.
Take what every money you can and pay it forward. Believe me it better to bless one then not.
Healing is also represent by green. We all can improve and remember usual healing does happen with switch. It takes time and retraining our self to be heal.
Fact is not all is to be healed.
Last thing I would  like to mention is "growth" as I look out side and took my morning walk. I see plenty of things coming awake.  
Leaves and flowers are starting to a raise. Green grass is coming about feeding all sorts of game.
The little fawn are hidden in under brush, and soon will join it mom to graze in Field of green grass.

It been a entire week I've done FITDAY and would like to take a minute to talk about some of the reports they offer.
My calorie eating chart the daily average is 1,269. Well let take a minute and break it down, carb intake is 588 calories or 46%...dietary fiber is 11.4 grams...Protein calorie intake 259 calorie or 20%...Fat 420 calories or 33% But the fats are broken down. I know fats can be both good or bad.
Saturated Fats stands at 124 calories or 10%
Polyunsaturated fats stands at 98 calories or 8%
Monounsaturated fats stands at 152 calories or 12%
Fit day cover a large section of nutrition both mineral and vitamins. And I see I'm week and strong in some areas
Three things I'm lacking in vitamin D, and I wonder how they figure this one out. I been out side. Then also lacking in magnesium and potassium which isn't horrible low.
I could take a minute and google these items and see what food would benefit me.
But I'm happy with my calorie intake.

Today I took Regis to the pain clinic. And first there going to try some injection and possible go to a ELECTRICAL SPINE CORD STIMULATOR. Hopeful Regis does some resarch on this item. He think he could possible be come cyborg.

Took Regis to PANHANDLE PIES and we both had Rhubarb pie and side of ice cream, half a cup. I seem to handle it ok. But I wouldn't want in more.
And still made it under my calorie count.
But before I stop in at SPA BY THE LAKE and I was going to make an appointment before I went down to Oregon.
Sawyer and Betty gave me a gift certific there for Christmas and thought it would be fun to wear face nails down.
It look like I'll do it aftewards.

Still can't fine my camera and it driving me nuts

Coffee is on


  1. I've loved green all my life, all shades are pretty to me, but ocean green is a special favourite. I hope you find your camera soon.

  2. Nice to go through your post to know briefly about things.
    I too love green color. It gives freshness to our eyes...

  3. Green is a good color indeed! I had a blog when hubby and I lived in different places and saw each other only on weekends.
    I put all the things we had twice there - actually sad, but the color: green - color of hope.

    My doc subscribed me high doses of vitamin D and I take magnesium, too.

    Here everything green and in full bloom :-)

    Hope you find your cam soon!

  4. green is my 2nd favorite...purple #1.
    I don't even bother with calorie count...with meds I'm taking and they add sugar to my blood count, I concentrate on grams of sugar intake.

    Everything is moderation in my opinion.

  5. I’ve never had rhubarb pie, it’s not very common around here. I’ll have to try it sometime, with ice cream, of course.

  6. I love green, especially in the spring when the grass starts to turn back to a healthy color! I don't like green, when I am feeling green! (nauseous!)
    Love pie. Doesn't make any difference what type....just like pie!
    Vitamin D can also be replaced by capsules. My husband is not a big milk or dairy person and he takes a supplement. Have a great day!

  7. Rhubarb pie, my husband's favorite. Thanks for reminding me to get some at the market.

  8. I was young when I took a psychic development class, so since then I've always associated green with the heart chakra. Healing. I like to wear all green when I'm feeling like I might get ill.

  9. Green for me, as a biologist, always makes me think of life and living things. As a RCC, green is the primary color of the liturgical year as well, so it also has me think of hope and a desire to try to be a good person.


  10. green for gardening and for good grass for horses... not too much though.
    i like to wear denim and a pink top.
    love the sound of the pies..

  11. I always think green is a peaceful colour ...
    I do hope you find your camera soon.

    All the best Jan


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