Monday, March 19, 2018

They Will Come

Shortly after yesterday post. I saw one female robin, a sign of spring. This morning as I was sitting at dinning room table looking out the window. In a tree there was a flock of robin.
As one can guess they came to build there nest, for new little ones.
First flower are the snowdrops and crocus. Flower bed which there in is still blanket with snow.

Might as well mention what happen before I took off to work. Which I can gartee not anything exciting. I try to do 3 basic chore around the place. If I don't take part in up keep of home. I feel like I failed.
So it not much I did load of wash, sweep the floor, and vacuumed.
Large boxes left of items to be haul off to local thrift store. Didn't or Couldn't lift the boxes. So I got two bags stuff them full, gladly got them to the thrift store.

This morning I went of to Regis after he finish up with his social worker. Clean, laundry, shopping, and took to convenient store for pouch of tobacco and cigars.
Well right now I'm trying to figure what going on with Liz. Actual getting my hours in with Liz can be difficult. She isn't a planner at all. And just look up if there possible reason if BI POLAR MIGHT HAVE TROUBLE PLANNING.
She has medical appointment this Wednesday that there prep things she need to on Tuesday. My guess is...It anyone guess she will make it or not.
I think she in a deep depression. I would guess it from the disappointment in hair coloring or being broke.
See when she shop money goes though her fingers, like a water going though a sieve.

Dinner fish, rice, and some veggie for dinner. Off to work I'm still waiting.
Got start on a few art/spiritual project. The safe I drew is part of my hermit card. And stared to paint a rock
Coffee is on 


  1. Oh the first signs of spring!

  2. Hari om
    Love that blue... and yay for the robin! YAM xx

  3. That's a pretty blue rock. At least spring is trying to begin ;)

  4. We have them here too. And woodpeckers and tonight, one wee little peeper was out. So cute!

  5. hello there, thank you for your comment at my blog, have a good week :-)

  6. Good for you getting stuff to thrift shop. I have a bag to take too, but it isn't full yet. Been clearing out my pantry and fridge too. Throw away old stuff out of date, rearrange so things I use more in winter are at the front.
    Maybe Liz needs mental therapist as well as medical help.

  7. I love robins, we have one in the garden and it's so lovely see.

    All the best Jan

  8. Snowdrops, oh, I love them! I have so much cleaning to do, too, but hubby´s got the flu and needs a rest.
    Depression is a serious thing, hope she can get professional help soon...

  9. robins are my favorite. haven't seen one yet, though.


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