Thursday, March 22, 2018

They showed Up

Robin haven't been here long. Late afternoon I saw a Mountain Blue bird showed up at our bird feeder.
Took walk out around the place on the south side of our home there a sort of a herb bed and what every else might be planted. Well rhubarb is thing is planted there, and it doing lovely. I do like rhubarb crisp, pie, and wine.
Well what I call my freedom flower bed is now uncover, no snow. So I went and checked for snowdrop. Didn't see any.

I had headache most of the day. Hubby took Regis to his appointment. Which I was thankful for. 
My digestion system is quite right.  But it better then it was.
Not finding much on wages for doctors here.
Medical school is quite costly and we our a low income area and we get medical doctors that is horrible in debt and they stay for about year or two.
But since we're a low income area. There should be forgiveness of debt. I know our school dist offers for teachers. It base on student who receive free or reduce lunches, I just look at a cart and a family four (before taxes) if you your income is under $876 a week you could qualify for reduce or free lunch.
Meal price are secondary $2.90 and for the elementary are $2.80.
I got a little off. But I rather get a doctor simple when I go in that one won't be staying.
I just don't see why they charge for lunches at any school.

Been looking though the local animal shelter for a dog. I have no problem adopt one. But nothing pop up that I believe would be fit for us.

I been playing farmville and the counters ones. I'm not much on computer mostly  the violent ones. I rather help people, even if it a game.
It seem to help me unwind. I like to turn off my techie device at in 8 evening and watch the original star trek and the next generation.
Then off to bed around ten.

Coffee is on


  1. Our schools don't do lunches, every child has to bring a lunch from home, or there is a small "tuck shop" where they can order a lunch at the beginning of the day and pick it up at lunch time. They used to sell all kinds of things, now it is only healthy choices and fruit, no more buns or crisps, no lollies. I think probably 90% of children, even high school, bring their own lunch from home.

  2. School usually ends before lunch-time. High school you brought your own sandwich. Only at uni there´s mensa.
    Haha, another Trekkie :-)

  3. Hari OM
    I keep my eye on the adoption pages all the time - but I also know that I can't really have a dog... I live in a flat, up stairs and have mobility issues, so walking would be an issue - then there is the constant travelling. Sigh... can dream though... YAM xx

  4. Space...the final frontier ... Cable channel has been running the original series and Next Generation, and I’ve also been re-watching Voyager. I need to rewatch DS9, it’s been awhile...

  5. Hope your headache is gone Dora. I know what that's like. I get quite a lot of headaches too. I hope you find a dog to rescue soon.. good for them and for you ☺

  6. The state doesn't budget for school lunches, so the money to pay for them has to come from somewhere. If only they made them part of the budget...

  7. Signs that spring is on its way!

  8. Your new doggy will turn up sooner or later.

  9. Your new doggy will turn up sooner or later.

  10. I do hope your headache is better now ...
    Good luck in finding a suitable dog, I'm sure you will get one soon.

    All the best Jan

  11. How lovely to see those beautiful birds at your bird feeder :-)

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