Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mending Of Clothing

Haven't mend clothes for years. My mom mend the family clothes. And I know how and refuse and actual find it a frustrating chore.
Confession time...I rather make a piece of clothing from scratch. 

Any how as mending I came to post about mending our hearts, mind, and spirit.

There plenty of mending we can do in our society. Well we move and things have been mend or fix. Although there plenty of things to do.

In very resent history young people took to the streets, on gun control. I'm not giving my opinion on my  GUN since it was done recently.
I could fine any links to see if there was sometime of coverage for those 17 who was shot it Florida, that our local schools here if the had a walk out. But BOISE area did.
Something sure isn't right that we live in such violent society.

TOY 'R' US is closing or sell it store. We getting less and brick and mortar stores. More and more takes care of business on line. I'm one of them.
But the conversation needs to take place on those empty building.
There a shortage of low income housing. Could possible these building be use as low income resident or possible community center.

Today I went and did some shopping for my clients. And when I was going though the check out line. I always ask the clerk how her day was going. And hopeful have a short positive conversation with them.
To find out the checker had a little bit of bit of ruff day.
I said I'm sorry but every so often we need a hard day, so we appreciate the good days. And there a lot more of them.

Today I took Regis today to have some lab work done. Well not going into medical mumble jumble.
His orthpedic doctor want some I believe a sample from his hip. Well they send a fax to the lab department and found out they don't handle what the doctor wanted.
So they weren't sure which department would handle. So we went over to the registration department a very nice lady.
Well maybe in 10 minute or so we found out we need to go to the radiology department
 Well they were full up and had one appointment open tomorrow, at one in the afternoon.
Well yesterday Liz and I went shopping. I knew what I needed and what. She tends to try to spend her self happy.
Find out she even talking about selling part of her BREYERS HORSE COLLECTION. Well her monthly bills are paid. She has funds on her ebt card. She will make it though rest of the month.

But then she tried coloring her hair a fun blue color. I thought it would take hold since she a blond. It didn't
I hope she doesn't become to depress. She suffer from agoraphobia. Hopeful this doesn't put her in a funk.
I suggest she tries to get hold of company, and see if she could get a refund. I don't under stand why it didn't take.

One of my grandfather Edgar sayings..."If you don't like me in my Thursday coveralls you don't need to bother to like me my Sunday best"

Coffee is on


  1. I can see blue in Liz's hair, unless that isn't Liz?
    Hope Regis hip gets sorted and fixed.
    I think using the big empty stores for housing and community centres is a great idea.

    1. No, it's not liz. I'm not sure why it didn't take. But I'm going to suggest she get hold of the company

  2. Hari Om
    "If you don't like me in my Thursday coveralls you don't need to bother to like me my Sunday best"... that is one of the best quotes I've seen in ages!!!

    I too see blue - but I also see that it is not solid and is more like streaks in the blonde. TBH I think it looks pretty, but if it's not what was expected, then definitely worth an ask.

    Using industrial buildings for social assitance in some way is a good idea - but it needs the govt or a private investor to get things rolling; whoever owns those buildings is highly unlikely to want to give them away...though it would be fantastic karma to them if they did! YAM xx

    1. Buttom half took but the top half didn't...But saddly we have a lot of empty buildings, that isn't be used

  3. Perhaps someone who knows the ins and outs of dyeing hair might have an explanation.

  4. Our high school walked out. It was wonderful. Our Congressman is heling our kids organize a rally for March 24.


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