Sunday, March 04, 2018

Me and Nothing

Can't say I accomplish much. A day of looking up the odds and ends with google. Now some one can just say "google it" and usual then or lease I do. It comes over whelming.

Not going into much detail. I've meant all sort of people and including my self who had some degree of adverse trauma in there life.
Well I keep hearing of resilience. Why some have it and other seem to struggle though any adversity in life.
It effect everything in there life. It pretty much controls every little part of a life that is not lived at fullest

Trying to figure my work schedule for the up coming week. One client is such a morning person, and that's me. My other client isn't one what so every.
Well in past on Monday I would go over to Regis around ten. Before that he has his social worker. Stay to around one or two. I would like to go over to Liz right after wards, as one can see her social worker is there
Then Liz has her social worker come in around one or two. So a lot of time I had a good hour or more to kill.
I'm not starting work until like 11 in the morning or so. At Regis and finish up around three. Then go over to Liz and stay to 6 or 7 in the evening.
Not a big fan of swing shift.

Coffee is on


  1. Google is so compulsive. Now if I think I know something and can't remember it, I don't Google straight away and it usually comes to me.

    1. Also if it doesn't come to me, it isn't all that important perhaps?

  2. I don't use google as much as I used to.
    It would be so handy for you if Regis and Liz lived next door to each other.

  3. Hari OM
    Erratic working, that's for sure - when I worked shift like that I foud it really mucked up the whole day around them - until I found the pattern in the non-patter, as it were, and just made myself disciplined enough to do stuff in the off-set times. Still messy though... YAM xx

  4. That is not a good routine indeed - hope you can make a better deal.
    I had the best work hours (06:00 am - 02:00 pm) - I so hope to find a job with that again!

  5. I rather liked swing shift. It's more what my natural body clock does. But, I get how morning people can be morning people and wouldn't like that.

  6. Routine is so hard to maintain.... so many variances happen every day.

  7. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Just wanted to stop by for a few minutes of sanity and commonsense. It's crazy out there! I enjoy your blog because it is "normal". I also appreciate how you put up with my cantankerous, foul mouthed old butt! You are a dear person Ms Dora!


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